News, Products, Services Actis expands specification team to handle growing demand for insulation products

Amaret Chahal will offer technical advice to architects, building control officers and energy assessors in the Midlands and Wales. She will be working alongside National Specification Manager Dan Anson-Hart, Regional Sales Directors Jemma Harris and John Buckley and Sales Managers Louise South and Gemma Slatcher.

Expanding demand for the four products in the Actis Hybrid insulation and insulating

membrane range has prompted the appointment of a third specification specialist to the team.

She will also be helping out on the southern reaches of the patch covered by the northern team, which means Sales Managers Karolina Taylor and Barrie Jamieson will be able to lean on her for specification advice as well.

ACTIS TEL: 01249 462888

Sika goes from strength-to-strength with new Microsilica concrete admixture

Amaret will also be running some of Actis’ very popular CPD sessions and presenting at the monthly LABC roadshows, initially alongside Dan Anson-Hart and her south eastern specification counterpart, Jason Docherty.

Amaret, whose training as an English teacher will come in handy when she gives presentations, has a background in sales and customer service and has worked in Paris and Malta.

The four CE marked products in the Actis hybrid range - honeycomb insulation Hybris, insulating vapour control layer HControl Hybrid and insulating breather membranes Boost’R Hybrid and Boost R Hybrid Roof - have been praised for the cleanliness, ease and speed of installation, lack of waste, lightness


Vivalda Group appoints former SIG director to drive growth and innovation

In a move that consolidates Vivalda Group plc as the UK’s largest independent supplier of architectural facades, the business has appointed former SIG plc divisional Managing Director Chris Williams as a non- executive director.

Sika has launched a brand-new mineral admixture offering unrivalled strength, durability and impermeability.

SikaFume-50 is a Microsilica product that has been developed for environments where performance demands are high, such as high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, sea/ coastal defence systems and scrapyards, making concrete more durable.

Often known as ‘silica fume’. Microsilica reacts with cement’s hydration products to improve strength, durability and penetrability.

Aiding with corrosion and sulphate resistance, heat retention, waterproofing and abrasion, SikaFume-50 S is also a good choice for industrial and agricultural structures that are usually exposed to a wide range of chemicals and acids due to its impenetrability.


In addition, Microsilica concrete has a much higher electrical resistance when compared to Portland Cement, which helps slow down the corrosion rate too.

Alex Burman, Marketing Manager - Concrete & Waterproofing at Sika, said: “Microsilica has been the secret ingredient in a number of our major projects schemes and is an ideal solution for buildings and facilities that require high strength and durability.

“Growth in the number of multi- occupancy projects in urban conurbations and infrastructure schemes in the UK has increased demand for admixtures and additives, so it’s important for us to have a product portfolio that will meet the requirements of any installation setting.”

SikaFume-50 S is available in a slurry format.

A senior industry figure with more than 25 years’ experience in the building products sector, Williams has unrivalled experience working with blue chip companies in the fields or both manufacturing and distribution. Key category expertise includes fire protection, building boards, roofing, facades, cladding and plumbing.

Williams’ most recent role within SIG was as Managing Director of its buildings solutions division, which included the industrial cladding business Steadmans and facades business Proteus. During this time, he instigated the turnaround at Steadmans, transforming a single site operation into a multi-site, multi- brand success through both organic and acquisitive growth, including a £10m new factory development. A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an alumnus of the London Business School, Williams demonstrates all the characteristics that Vivalda’s chairman Peter Johnson was looking for in a new board member.

TEL: 0800 292 2572 WWW.GBR.SIKA.COM 62 VIVALDA

Commenting on the appointment, Peter Johnson said: “The next five years will be crucial to the development of the Vivalda Group as we expand the business using both organic and acquisitive growth strategies. My colleague, Managing Director Ben Jayes, and I have been leading Vivalda for well over 20 years and appreciate the need to harness new ideas and energies from outside the company. Chris fulfils that need perfectly as we embark on an exciting time for Vivalda”.

“Chris is highly respected within the building products sector and brings invaluable experience from a major plc group. He also has proven marketing ability which he brings to Vivalda as it embarks on a period of significant growth. His presence lays down a marker in our confidence that over the next three years turnover will increase considerably above its current level of £34m”.

and ease of transportation as well as their impressive thermal performance.

Their flexibility and ability to bend around corners and squash into gaps means HControl Hybrid and the two Boost’R Hybrid products in particular are excellent at eliminating thermal bridging and ensuring air tightness.

The LABC and LABSS registered detail compliant products are accepted by the NHBC and fellow warranty providers LABC and Premier Guarantee when used in accordance with the certification.

TEL: 0121 326 7858


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