High performance EPS and XPS insulation for construction and civil engineering

The UK business of the Sunde Group, Sundolitt UK, services the construction, civil engineering and packaging industries across the UK from its four sites. A vertically structured organisation, Sundolitt has built an outstanding reputation for quality, value and customer service across its diverse range of markets, producing innovative EPS and XPS products and solutions.

Applications include thermal insulation for construction, structural blocks for civil engineering and protective and insulated packaging for everything from fresh fish and meat, to pharmaceuticals and electronic goods.

A family-owned business for more than 100 years, The Sunde Group is one of the leading European players in the production and conversion of EPS and XPS based products. Market leader in Scandinavia, the company employs more than 450 staff across 18 sites, fully supporting each with technical and R&D resources and support.

As an integral part of the Sunde Group, Sundolitt’s values are built on quality, reliability and service and we are a customer-oriented organisation with in- depth specialist knowledge of each of our diverse markets.

We are committed to providing insulation solutions that benefit customers through quality, on time supply, overall cost effectiveness and dedicated support to environmentally friendly products. All our sites are accredited to global Quality Management Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 showing comprehensive assurance of our commitment to quality in every part of our business.

We also operate the EC Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) to ensure that all relevant laws and regulations are adhered to and continuous environmental improvements are achieved.

We can ensure consistent quality of end products since our production sites source the majority of their raw material requirements from the Group, which operates in full compliance with Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015.

The Sunde Group is committed to investing in the UK and we have just installed a new block mould at our site in Gateshead. This is part of our strategy to continue to supply high quality products to our customers and support the demand for high density, high performance materials demanded by our markets.

We are seeing growth in both XPS and EPS for domestic flooring, particularly with regional housebuilders, where there had been a shift from the more traditional materials to specification of our materials and particularly our EPS Climate low Lambda material, offering improved thermal performance with lower U Values.

SUNDOLITT LTD TEL: 01786 471586



With the drive to more efficient and eco-friendly buildings, the specification of XPS insulation for inverted roofs has grown with Sundolitt seeing an increase in the move towards the installation of green roofs and more recently the more unique blue roof application.

We continue to supply XPS insulation to several green roof projects, since the material demonstrates high thermal performance and outstanding weight- bearing characteristics to enable heavy loads such as footfall on landscaped areas on a roof, if for example walkways are to be an integral roof feature.

There is definitely a move towards the installation of blue roofs as city council’s, not just in the capital, seek to future proof the urban environment. A blue roof design utilises the roof construction for providing water attenuation capacity rather than quickly moving through the usual conveyance system, normally as part of an overall Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), replicating the natural environment or in urban areas improving the built environment. The characteristics of Sundolitt XPS are ideal for this application combining the loading capacity for weight-bearing applications with the advantage of maintaining insulating performance even in an environment of rainfall saturation in the winter months.

Recognising the need to cooperate more closely with all decision-makers in the specification chain across the UK, our specialist sales teams both internal and external have grown. We understand the requirements for all product manufacturers supplying into the construction industry to work in partnership with design teams at project inception, to ensure the correct material is specified from the outset.

Sundolitt has heavily invested in certification and accreditation as our customers become more driven to only specify products that have been tested by an independent third party. As part of the Sunde Group we can access our own testing facilities and we see R&D activities as fundamental to the continued success of our business.

Our experienced teams across specification sales, production and technical support both in the UK and across the wider group provide high performance solutions to all customers specifications to their requirements. We will continue to forge relationships with architects, specifiers, contractors and developers to develop and progress insulation specification across all markets and applications.

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