Flooring Set the scene with Frontrunner

Selfridges, Birmingham Bullring

Did you know that up to 80% of debris in your building comes in on shoes or wheels? Keith Rosser from Plastex takes us through two case studies that not only highlight how effective Frontrunner entrance matting is at stopping unwanted dirt in its tracks - but also how seamlessly it integrates with every environment, situation and surface.

How do you stop dirt from being tracked inside two of the UK’s most popular shopping destinations? That’s the question we faced when luxury department store Selfridges requested a highly effective, slip-resistant entrance mat for their stores in Birmingham Bullring and Manchester’s Trafford Centre. After visiting both locations, the challenge was clear: both stores needed high performance entrance matting that would remove dirt and moisture at the point of entry, plus be quick and easy to install during the store’s closing hours. The Birmingham store also presented an additional challenge: the store’s main entrance is only accessed via an external walkway that’s open to the elements, and is often wet and dirty.

First impressions count The obvious solution was Frontrunner, our integrated flooring system that flows seamlessly from outside to inside. What makes the Frontrunner range so unique is its ‘scrape and clean’ system that removes and traps dirt, debris and moisture, effectively protecting internal floor finishings and reducing cleaning costs.

Frontrunner isn’t just designed with safety, durability and cleanliness in mind, but also style and aesthetics - we know how important it is for entrance flooring to seamlessly integrate with the existing interior of the building. This was particularly important for a luxury department store like Selfridges, which prides itself on its heritage and style.

For this reason, we specifically recommended Frontrunner Plus, which, just like the other mats in our Frontrunner range, has an aggressive tread pattern that scrapes shoes and wheels clean. What makes Frontrunner Plus special is that it also has heavy-duty absorbent carpet inserts that remove and dry moisture. This means that cleaning intervals are reduced, floor finishes retain their quality, and Selfridges would continue to look stylish for longer.

Another important consideration was the store’s underfloor security tagging system, which would cease to work if it was surrounded by aluminium. Because Frontrunner is made from PVC, it doesn’t interfere with security systems, making it an ideal choice for department stores and shopping centres.

Another big plus was that during installation, Frontrunner Plus can be quickly cut to fit any shape, such as within revolving doors, inside mat wells or over irregularly shaped areas. For Selfridges this was a huge benefit because the matting needed to be laid around several irregularly shaped columns - and the whole installation process had to happen during the store’s closing hours.

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The Building Centre, London

A few months after the matting was installed, we received glowing feedback from Steve Jones, the Facilities Manager at Birmingham Selfridges: “This entrance matting is really effective at cleaning shoes. It makes it easier to keep the interior floors clean, which ensures the shop looks great and reduces the associated cleaning and maintenance costs.”

Simple to order, easy to install We know your time is precious. That’s why we designed a complete flooring system that integrates with any environment, situation and surface. Flexible formats makes ordering a breeze: you can choose from rolls in standard widths and 10m lengths, or order a custom size to fit your space. Installation is also simple - the one-piece construction means you can cut to fit on site, with no previous site visits needed.

From recessed to surface-mounted applications, Frontrunner fits seamlessly with all well depths and contours effortlessly to the subfloor. And if you’re working with luxury vinyl tiles, carpet and ceramic, we also have you covered: many of our mats come in a 10.5mm low profile option, which means you don’t need to create a deeper mat well in the existing subfloor.

Make an entrance

At the high end of the country, another heritage organisation was also in the market for high-performance entrance matting. This time the company in question was The Building Centre, an independent architecture centre in central London. The centre had recently gone through a major refurbishment, and needed entrance matting that could fit inside the unusually shaped entrance, which had two swing doors on either side of central revolving doors. It also needed to be strong enough to withstand constant traffic, could be rolled up for cleaning, and would enhance the entranceway of the busy building.

Frontrunner Plus ticked all of these boxes and more. It’s ideal for entrances where there are revolving doors and curved walls, because it can be cut on site quickly and easily without the need for advance templating. The mat’s aggressive tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the absorbent carpet inserts cleans and dries moisture from shoes, effectively stopping London’s rainy weather in its tracks.

Not long after the matting had been installed, Jenny Watt from the Building Centre told us: “The new entrance matting forms a perfect mix of form and function. Its attractive linear lines gives our entrance an updated contemporary feel, and the combination of carpet and scraper works well to keep the interior clean and dry. We’re very pleased with the look and performance.”

To request a sample or more information, give us a call on 01268 571116 or send an email to See the Frontrunner range in action at



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