How we’re supporting our community

e provide services right across the state, from metropolitan Adelaide to regional South Australia. Our offering is broad, allowing us to support people of all ages, from all backgrounds and in all types of circumstances. We also support community- led initiatives through small grants and community development.

W Youth services

As well as services for families, we offer a range of support designed specifically for young people.

Our specialised counselling services are available for those who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault recently or in the past. This service is also available to adults.

For young people who are homeless or at risk – and their accompanying children – we provide free, safe and confidential access to medical services to support physical and mental health. We also provide information and referrals, and help people to manage alcohol and drug use.

We also provide support for young people who are intersex, questioning their sexuality or gender, or who identify as LGBTIQA+, as well as their loved ones.

Where a young person is in a caring role, we can support them to manage this while they complete secondary or vocational education, with access to flexible respite options and age-appropriate support.

Families and children

Many families face challenges at some point. Our family and relationship services support families and children through a variety of situations.

Through counselling services, families can reconnect, improve their relationships or resolve conflict. Counselling is also available for both women and men who have experienced or used violence in relationships, and for those who are tackling issues with drug and alcohol use. Where a relationship has ended, mediation can help to establish suitable care arrangements for children.

As well as residential support for young people who are under the Guardianship of the Minister, we work to keep young people out of the homelessness sector by providing a safe place to stay while they strengthen relationships with their families or caregivers. Our foster care program provides children with a safe and stable home environment.

We also offer a peer support program to connect families who have been through difficult times and come out the other side, with families who are struggling.


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