At Uniting Communities, everyone is welcome.

e are an inclusive not-for- profit organisation, working alongside more than 30,000 South Australians each year as they strive for bright futures and great lives. We value diversity and are committed to providing respectful, accessible services to all.


Uniting Communities seeks to reduce inequality and improve wellbeing for all who are striving to overcome disadvantage – individuals, their families and communities – so that they can realise their potential and live the best lives they can.

Our service delivery, advocacy and community building activities are central to achieving this.

Relevant, responsive services

We offer more than 90 services to support the needs of both individuals and our community, across a range of areas. These include mental health and counselling; residential aged care and support for independent living; housing crisis and emergency support; disability services; services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; financial and legal;

drug and alcohol counselling; family relationships; and respite and carer support.

A voice for change

Our advocacy work offers opportunities for people to participate in the community and be heard. In doing this, we aim to create better social and public policy by encouraging change and developing solutions to address inequality and disadvantage.

Connecting communities

When people are strong, communities thrive – and a robust, resilient community creates a sense of belonging, security and wellbeing for the people within it.

We are committed to strengthening communities in South Australia. As well as providing services that develop the skills needed to overcome adversity, we connect people who are vulnerable to broader local networks which can also offer support and care.

A collective effort

e can only do the work we do thanks to the efforts our staff, volunteers and supporters.


Uniting Communities has a team of more than 1500 passionate staff and volunteers working together to support our community. Their skills, experience and dedication are pivotal as we work towards building compassionate communities and great lives across South Australia.

Their efforts are underpinned by sound governance, which helps drive the changes necessary to respond to the needs of our community.

Similarly, the commitment of our donors and partners is critical as we move forward. We are so grateful to our loyal supporter base for sharing our vision and continuing to make significant contributions to our work.


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