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In late March, Ukrainian steel producer PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol” (MMKI) issued the Final Acceptance Certificates (FACs) for a two-strand continuous slab caster, a twin ladle furnace with an alloying station, and the associated dedusting system, all supplied by Primetals Technologies. The two-strand caster CC4 is designed to produce 2.5 million metric tons of slabs per annum. This increases MMKI's annual production capacity to around four million metric tons, as well as enhancing and expanding its product portfolio to include, for example, HC, UHC and ULC steels. A level 3 heat-pacing solution coordinates the steel production with the casting operation.

MMKI produces steel with three LD (BOF)

converters. A new 150 metric ton twin ladle furnace from Primetals Technologies and the associated alloying station help to set the desired steel grades and the correct casting temperature. Due to an Industry 4.0-ready automation on Level 1 and Level 2, this can be done via pre-selectable process models. A transformer with a rated power of 28 MVA provides the electrical energy for the ladle furnace, enabling a heating rate of 4.5°C per minute. This heating rate and the guaranteed energy consumption value have been over- fulfilled during start-up.

Primetals Technologies designed a dedusting system to clean the ladle

off gases from the metallurgy facility. This improves the

environmental situation in the city of Mariupol, where MMKI is located. The dedusting system reduces the dust content in the off gases to a level of 12 mg/m3 (maximum), whereas the Ukrainian standards require up to 50 mg/m3 and the European standards up to 30 mg/m3.

The equipment order for the continuous slab caster covered all the installations from the

Slab caster CC4 from Primetals Technologies at PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol” (MMKI), Ukraine

ladle turret and the tundish car through to the exit zone with its weighing, torch cutting, marking and deburring machines. The caster from Primetals Technologies has a machine radius of nine metres and a metallurgical length of 29.8 metres. It casts slabs with thicknesses of 170 and 250 millimetres in widths ranging from 900 to 1,550 millimetres. The maximum casting speed is 2.2 metres per minute. It processes peritectic and peritectic alloyed steels, low, medium, high and ultra-high carbon grades, as well as medium-carbon alloyed steel. The caster is equipped with automatic LevCon mold level control, a straight, cassette-type Smart Mold with the DynaWidth technology package to automatically adjust the width of the slab

online, and the DynaFlex mold oscillator. The strand guide is equipped with Smart Segments and I-Star rollers. DynaGap Soft Reduction, the Dynacs 3D secondary cooling model, and DynaJet nozzles was also installed, making it possible for MMKI to produce a wide variety of high-quality grades with improved interior quality of the slabs.

MMKI is one of the largest iron and steel works in Ukraine. The company produces a wide range of flat products made of carbon, low- alloyed and alloyed steel grades for various applications. These include heavy plates for pipelines, shipbuilding, pressure vessels and the construction industry, as well as hot and cold rolled plates and coils.


Lucideon has changed the name of its Information Centre to better reflect the all-encompassing know-how and experience that it offers. Now called the Lucideon Knowledge Centre, it

and commercial information about ceramics and a wide range of other materials, including metals, composites and polymers.

Working across a number of industry sectors, from traditional and advanced ceramics to construction, healthcare and aerospace, the Lucideon Knowledge Centre team of information specialists collects information from a comprehensive range of sources around the world on a daily basis. This is then delivered to clients through a variety of means, from regular email bulletins and opted-in alerts to an online hub and over the phone or in person.

May 2019 Issue is the place to go for all technical

Ann Pace, manager of the Lucideon Knowledge Centre, said: “Whether our clients need a structured technology search or they simply want to keep ahead of the latest developments, we can help. Through the information and knowledge we provide, our clients are better able to manage their business needs, saving them both time and money.

“We've been collecting and indexing information for the past 70 years; there's not much to do with materials that we don't know or can't find out!“

The Lucideon Knowledge Centre services are exclusive to Lucideon's Technology Partners.



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