General Secretary’s Report and President’s Column GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT

Dear Members Hello to all.

As I write my notes for the Secretary’s report we are hearing the news that British

Steel are entering

into receivership we don’t know how this will develop, we understand that steel production will continue while the receiver looks to sell the company. We don’t know what will happen in the long term but we do know that there will be a large impact on the UK refractory industry. We have printed the statement given in Parliament elsewhere in the journal.

I have now completed the invoicing of membership subs, so if you haven’t received yours please contact me, this year we have emailed many copies but are still having to post others, which is expensive. We are now able to up- date membership details on the website so please check and make sure your details are correct and add your email address. In the past when members join the Institute we have an address and in some cases your employers email but we all move jobs within the industry and move homes so we can loose contact.

We are now producing our journal in a format so that it can be sent electronically and read on tablets, we have to decide on how this is controlled for members, it has been requested that we send it to some companies who subscribe to the journal, but we still need to consider how we control the circulation or even if we should control it. Council have set up a sub-committee to look at several issues such as training but it has developed into looking at our future

strategy, the sub-committee is headed by our Senior Vice- President Katy Moss. This follows from our survey we carried out on how the Institute is seen by members, ex members and companies. I am sure you will agree this is a major project we are undertaking, and it will take some time to complete and then implement the changes. This will require agreement of council and may need some rule changes. We on the council will always try to change to keep the Institute current for members but we do need your views, it would be good to receive more correspondence from members, remember this is your Institute!

Our journal is very short of technical papers so if you have a paper that could be printed please let me have a copy and I will pass it to our journal team.

As I write this report I note that it is the third one of the year, we are half way through the year, where has that time gone? I look forward at the plans for the conference and training day, which are well underway, and by then it will be the end of another year.

Our venue for the conference and training day is at a smaller hotel this year, we think it is also better for our requirements, but it would help if you book early, details are printed elsewhere in the journal, we do have about 12 bookings for the training day to date so I am expecting this will be over subscribed.

All the best. Jayne Woodhead

General Secretary & Treasurer Institute of Refractories Engineers


Dear Members and Colleagues


It has been on BBC for the full week, and to some extent makes me think about the of Refractories

existing in a particular way for many years, but changes are about to take place. I think the message that I got about the BBC’s coverage is that it is important to talk about things that effects all of us, and would, therefore, encourage members to engage in discussions. Similar to the topic of menopause, these conversations about change in the IRE is not restricted to only a few on the committee.

Institute Engineers and how the IRE has been May 2019 Issue

The industry has significantly changed and this has had a dramatic effect on institutions such as the IRE. For example; just think how the industry supported the IRE, how they


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