JULY 07 Norwich Lanes Fayre Norwich Lanes, 11am-5pm

The Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre returns on Sunday 7th July to coincide with the city’s Lord Mayor’s Celebrations.

Now in its 10th year, the Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre is a one day party to showcase this unique area, it’s independent businesses and beautiful historic buildings. This year’s fayre is very much about community with the majority of businesses and residents taking part. It is also a showcase for the city’s creative talent with live performance and art at its heart.

As usual, St Benedict’s Street will be given over to the ever-popular street market and the main- stage will once again be situated on St Gregory’s Green. Visitors are encouraged to explore the entirety of the Lanes as many of the alleyways, courtyards and open spaces of Pottergate, St John Maddermarket and Bedford Street to name but a few will also be hosting events too. A programme including a map will be available on the day.

Secret Pub Gardens of Norwich

Thought I would start trying to reveal some of the secret pub gardens in Norwich, or more accurately those I did not know were there. Lets start with Lollards Pit, yes the one named aſter the area where people were burned to death for their religious beliefs. Breath a sigh of relief, they stopped that in 15th/16th Century, Now the closest they come to that is the BBQ. The garden is nestled at the back of the pub and is a secluded area which can probably accommodate 40-50, also having a covered area in the event of rain. You can even enjoy a game of Giant Jenga if feeling sociable, or just soak up the sun whilst relaxing

If you are considering the Gas Hill cycle challenge, or simply walking up and down Gas Hill, probably worth remembering the garden to recover in.

It’s Tricky. Period.

Imagine this; you’re an adult, you’re respectable; a stand-up member of society, but you have a problem: for a few days a month, you can’t stop weeing yourself. We’re not talking wetting the bed. We’re not limiting it to a few drops when you cough; we’re talking about an endless flow of piss from morning to night. Uncomfortable, odorous, unsightly, embarrassing – you’d be straight up the N&N to ask them for a tightening of your various nuts and bolts.

This isn’t that far fetched, of course. Women experience this every month in the form of unrelenting menstrual blood, but unlike other medical complaints, our government aren’t even willing to scrap the 5% tax on sanitary protection for periods, never mind cover the cost entirely. This leads to a very real issue of ‘period poverty’, where women on the breadline are struggling to meet their basic human needs.

In customary community spirit, Norfolk Libraries are looking to tackle this with their Tricky Period campaign, offering a supply of sanitary protection for free, from all 47 of their county libraries. The campaign is a discreet and open to all women, and is indicative of the public service the library is committed to providing.

For more info visit


For more info visit

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