Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever play Latitude on 21st July

really cinematic feel. Did the band have much involvement in the curation of the cover art? Yeah, we had a lot of involvement. Our bass player Joe Russo does all of the layouts and all the graphic design, he loves a good layout. Those two have just been photographs that we’ve loved and wanted to put on the front, basically. The first one, the French press one – our friend, Max Finch was in Japan and he found that frame of that shot and he just loved it. Then all of a sudden, these two people walked up onto the elevator doing the same thing at the same time. It just created this really evocative scene. So yeah, we basically just use photographs that we love, we just go for a kind of classic album cover style with photos that we love.


What are your plans for the future? Do you have any, or are you just going to kind of see how it goes. Well we’re going to make another record, that’s the plan. But long-term we don’t have a lot of ambitious take-over-the-world ideas. Just gonna make another record, and keep challenging ourselves, I think. Try and keep doing what we’re doing because we like it, just keep coming up with ways to make it good and interesting. If you hadn’t started Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever what would you have done? Maybe played cricket for Australia? Who knows really, I’d probably still be making music! You described the album as an album of hope. What makes you

hopeful? Well in relation to that album, that was about the big grand shitstorm that was 2016 and whatever came before that, and some of what came aſter it. The hope lies within humans and their relationships and the way that individuals can be good to each other. You’ve got to understand the world on a big enormous scale, and you’ve also gotta understand how small you really are. You’re standing on the edge of it, and it’s all so overwhelming and massive but you’re just hanging onto the person next to you- and that’s where you get the hope from.

Words Callum

Photo: Warwick Baker

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