Fortiglaze – the future of fire-rated glazing

supplier of fire rated products is an expert in their field. With ever-changing standards, rules and regulations, it’s important you have an expert team behind you to help you navigate the world of fire-rated glazing. Drawing on two decades of commercial expertise, and synonymous with quality and innovation throughout the sector, London- based OAG is fast-becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after structural and fire-rated glazing specialists. The firm’s ever-growing client list includes market-leading main contractors such as Mace, SRM, Costain and more, with projects as prestigious as London Bridge Station, O2 Headquarters and Tate Modern. Having supplied and installed fire-rated


glazing for the past two decades, OAG wanted to develop a new fire solution, providing not only safety but aesthetically pleasing profiles. The aim was simple – to provide clients and architects with a product that gives both the end user and the supplier confidence, without compromising the architectural vision. OAG looked into the testing and criteria

needed to badge a fire rated system of their own, and in 2016 Fortiglaze was born. OAG’s first task was to understand the

ue to recent events in the fire protection industry, it is more imper- ative than ever to make sure your

protective aspects they would need to adhere to – fitting 60 minutes of fire safety within a minimally framed system. To achieve this, they liaised closely with the International Fire Consultancy, who advised on the best materials needed to achieve a safe system, and how those could be used most effectively within their framing. OAG wanted Fortiglaze to be versatile:

offering 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute configurations. They provide both ‘Integrity and Insulation’ and ‘Integrity-only’ options. ‘Fortiglaze Slim’ versions offer minimal frames and maximal glazed areas, while standard models can be paired with heavier glass types and security options for additional protection. OAG has carried out a number of personalised project-based tests on the resulting system. All testing is carried out according to BS 9999 Part 1 and 2 standards, and all products have also been tested to meet CE European standards. A range of premium quality Fortiglaze Smoke Doors are also available, offering smoke protection to BS 476: Part 31, Section 31.1. OAG has a number of future tests in the pipeline, with its Slim systems pushing the boundaries of protection time, door sizes and finish options. These are currently assessed up to 3 metres, a feat rarely seen in fire-rated glazing.

To further highlight its experience and

knowledge in this field OAG has completed the FIRAS accreditation, which provides evidence of its competence to install fire-rated systems safely and in-line with all relevant Building Regulations. OAG fabricates Fortiglaze in its own

factory, providing end-to-end quality control. The factory has streamlined the assembly process by creating a seamless ‘fab and hang’ system, capable of handling large scale orders. OAG also wants its clients to have the most comprehensive understanding of the range as possible. To achieve this, the company developed the ‘Interactive digital specification guide’. This allows users to not only spec the product and be provided with extensive product info and capabilities, but also be shown a real-life example of their product at the end of the user journey. The company hopes this will allow clients

to make sure they have the right system and aesthetic features for their project, and install them with confidence. It also offers fully-fledged maintenance contracts on all fire & non-fire rated products. Fortiglaze is currently being used in several high-profile London-based projects, such as 22 Bishopsgate and 135 Bishopsgate.

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ADF MAY 2019


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