32 Achieving peace of mind

Sean Haynes of FireGlass UK discusses the importance of recent accreditation and certification systems when it comes to specifying the correct fire-rated glass

These IGUs can be made up of different kinds of specialist glass. But, if fire-rated glass is to be used, units must be manufactured in accordance with the certification known as Attestation Level 1. Attestation is a term that is used to indicate a type of certification which has processes of conformity, in order to demonstrate that certain requirements have been met. In construction, and especially the glass industry, Attestation of Conformity (AoC) is a declaration of performance that confirms compliance with the relevant standards. The certification was introduced to harmonise performance information across the European Economic Area (EEA).


nsulated glass units (IGUs), including double glazed units, are individually sealed units which are made up of multiple panes of glass. The glass is separated by an air vacuum or gas filled gap; usually made up of two (double glazed) or three (triple glazed) panes. Energy efficient and insulated against both heat and noise, the sealed air vacuum or gas filled gap between each pane acts as an added layer of insulation.

The level of conformity given is dependent on the nature of the product in question. Specialist safety glass products like fire-rated glass units are classed as a safety-critical product, and therefore must meet Level 1 standards. Attestation Level 1 (and 1+) have the most demanding requirements, whereas Level 4 is the least demanding and is given for less critical applications, like decorative glass. The declaration of performance relates to essential characteristics of the manufactured or processed product and includes a declaration in relation to the inspection of the manufacturing facility, and continuous assessment and evaluation of factory production control. For fire-rated IGUs the accreditation of Attestation Level 1 confirms consistency of the product’s performance. Manufactured products which meet these standards carry the mandatory CE marking – visual evidence which gives you peace of mind that you are using a product that is tested and monitored for performance and consistency. Holding this accreditation confirms that fire-rated units are manufactured to the highest safety standards each and every time, to strict guidelines with certified consistency, allowing projects to meet Building Regulation standards – where applicable.

ADF MAY 2019

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