bespoke doors & windows in timber, aluminium & alu-clad

Art Deco style, it does come with a price tag due to the process involved in making these systems. Many steel systems are manufactured bespoke to each order and require a lot of hands-on processes.

Aluminium glazing systems

There are many alternative options that achieve a similar aesthetic to the steel systems, such as aluminium systems with glazing bars that mimic the Bauhaus style. Aluminium systems often come with a broader choice of colours and configuration options, as they are easier to work with than steel systems.

Aluminium is a lightweight and versatile material that can be fabricated into a whole array of designs. Aluminium glazing systems can be easier to slide, push or open, as the material is slightly lighter that steel – which is ideal when you need to slide or fold several panes of glass.

Frameless glass systems Within vibrant interior designs it is sometimes the case that ‘less is more.’ Therefore, frameless glazing systems can be the ideal solutions as they don’t offer any additional visual obstructions within the room, instead providing a sophisticated finish to the living space.

Frameless glazing systems come in a whole plethora of configurations as they are usually manufactured bespoke to the specific location. These single glazed systems can be installed as fixed glass walls that break up an open plan space, for an element of privacy. Frameless glass doors can be integrated within the design to further enhance the frameless appearance. There are many frameless systems out there that help to maximise the light within the living spaces, especially frameless products that don’t interrupt views or natural light.

Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades can be used internally to provide a protective barrier for internal floor level changes while allowing light to continue to flow throughout the home. These glazing systems compliment the interior design as their frameless construction doesn’t obstruct views at eye level, and gives the illusion that the space is larger than it is as you can see beyond the glazing. There are many options for internal glazing, but the choice ultimately comes down to the aesthetic, location and budget limitations.

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