Concepts released for Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s London Centre For Music

The Barbican, London Symphony Orchestra and Guildhall School of Music & Drama have released the first concept designs for their project to create a “world class” Centre for Music in London. The concept designs, developed by lead

architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro, show a landmark new building on the current Museum of London site. Alongside creating an outstanding new

building, the designs propose reimagining and transforming the layout and public realm of the current Museum of London site, creating open, welcoming and traffic free public spaces, while also linking to the Barbican Estate’s Highwalk network. Elizabeth Diller, founding partner at

Diller Scofidio + Renfro, said: “We want to unlock the urban potential of the Centre for Music’s site at the southern tip of the Barbican by reclaiming the roundabout for the public realm, where the isolating effects of the car are keenly felt today.” She continued: “A vital public space seamlessly connects to the foyer and extends a welcome to everyone, with or without a performance ticket.” “The foyer would be abuzz day and

night, filled with activity and glimpses into the inner life of the Hall. We imagine a concert hall for the 21st century that embraces both a bespoke and a loose fit approach: tailored for exceptional symphonic sound, yet agile enough to

Images courtesy of Diller Scofidio and Renfro

accommodate creative work across disciplines and genres.” The proposed Centre for Music site sits

on a key cultural axis in the capital, linking north from Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as between two major new stations. The realisation of Diller Scofidio +

The designs propose reimagining and transforming the layout and public realm of the current Museum of London site, creating open, welcoming and traffic- free public spaces

Renfro’s concept designs would create an “iconic new gateway to the City of London’s emerging Culture Mile,” said the architects, “drawing visitors into an area that is set to be transformed over the next decade and beyond through new transport hubs, outdoor programming, and major enhancements to streets and wider public realm that link the area’s existing and planned world-class cultural destinations.” The next phase of work on the project

is expected to take approximately a year to complete.


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