pleased to launch additional new mullions and transoms for their innovative Comar 6EFT Curtain Wall system, with the highest Ix and Iy values available on the market today. As Comar 6EFT has developed to be the specifier preferred system in the UK, demands for larger transom spans in excess of 3000mm and unsupported multi-storey mullions are a possibility. Where there are different glazed areas in the same envelope we have also extruded high span mullions and transoms in the most popular box sizes, which mean that the same box size can be used throughout the project to ensure that all fixing and plaster lines throughout the facade are continuous. Today’s design complexity, requirements

for aesthetics and complex building shapes are key considerations. Aluminium offers the unique advantage of easily being extruded and manufactured into almost any custom shape with ease. With ever increasing focus on energy efficiency, designs must provide exceptional ‘thermal’ performance so thermal breaks are incorporated. These breaks provide a high level in the thermal insulation of the curtain walling. The science of curtain walls now means that aspects such as thermal expansion and contraction, building movement, water management and thermal efficiency for cost effective heating, cooling and the lighting of a building are in-built to

Comar 6EFT - Curtain Walling D

ue to demand from our Architectural and Fabricator clients, Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems are

the system and its design. To provide a flexible approach to

aluminium facade engineering Comar’s 6EFT Curtain Walling System utilises Europe wide design and extrusion expertise with Comar’s market leading supply, support and delivery. With its exceptional design flexibility, Comar 6EFT provides high performance solutions for both new build and refurbishment facades. It is a flexible standardised system that also supports bespoke solutions. Comar’s 6EFT delivers capped curtain walling with a 50mm standardised sightline and includes

options for: • 4sided structural glazing which achieves a cutting-edge façade with no visible aluminium sight lines.

• 2sided structural glazing with horizontal or vertical capping, concealed vents where a feature and bespoke finish can be achieved through a variety of cover caps.

• Concealed vents all systems can include side or top hung opening vents

• Facetted glazing options for all systems are available in 7.5 o increments both convex and concave.

The system is pressure equalised and

mullion drained ensuring water drains freely to the outside. Comar 6EFT has undergone rigorous

tests for the latest BS and EN standards at Taywood Engineering Ltd, with exceptional results. Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is

the largest British, privately owned aluminium systems company in Europe. Comar designs, extrudes and distributes over 700 integrated profiles to a Nationwide approved fabricator network for use in aluminium curtain walling, window, door and ground floor treatment applications. Comar: Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery. For further information please contact

020 8685 2318



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