WEEKLY FROM 13 FEBRUARY UEA Literary Festival UEA Lecture Theatre, Norwich

UEA is well known for previous students who have gone on to bigger and better things. The Literary Festival running for 13th Feb til 2nd May, is your chance to hear from some of those who made it with their skill and imagination for writing. (It does strike me I need to be very careful writing this section, not get too many grammatical, typing or spelling errors, so I struggle with the question can you teach an old dog new tricks) For Each session there will be a speaker sharing their experiences with you. with a speaker list including Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl), Marlon James (Man Booker Prize winner), John Boyne ( author The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas) Max Porter Sunday Times PFD young Writer of Year 2015 and International Dylan Thomas Prize) to name but a few.

Overall there are 8 sessions held at UEA Lecture Theatre, every week from 13th Feb through to 27th March and then one date 2nd May, each starting at 7pm.

For full information of schedule and prices go to

Norfolk Reading Pathway Norfolk Libraries

I became aware of a young man who walked into a library (I realise this is sounding like a beginning of a joke, but it is not, read on), he was quite hesitant initially and he had a question on how he could get help learning to readand write. Wow I thought, it must take guts to walk into a library filled with books, an environment where reading is a given,and be strong enough to go and ask for help. This is not a one-offeither, there was another person who did the same at the same library. Apparentlythere is something call the Norfolk Reading Pathway, where volunteers will help those who find readingand writing a challenge

So I had more of a delve at couple of our local libraries, it was eye opening some of the things that were going on for all ages. From Bounce and Rhyme for little ones, to coffee andKnit & Natter for those of amore mature age. It is clear Norfolk Libraries are doing many things to help people. I’ll probe a little more and perhaps give you another update next edition.

If you’d like to know more, ask at your local library or email

FEBRUARY 19-23 Great British Beer Festival Winter The Halls, Norwich

This national beer festival returns to Norwich for third and final year, before it moves to another city next year. (It changes location every 3 years). The festival has beers of every style and shade, served in cask, KeyKeg and bottle - from dark to ruby brown and golden ales, plus world beers and real ciders, so don’t think it is going to be full of dark and porter ales.

It is a great opportunity to try a wide range of beers from all over the country. All staged in the wonderful setting for St Andrews and Blackfriars Hall in the city centre and there is live music most evenings. Entrance is cash-only on the door, is free to CAMRA members and is open from midday all day Wednesday to Saturday. Pre-event ticket packages, including beer tokens and souvenir glasses, can be secured.

For ticket packages visit


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