Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme has National potential

The introduction of the £10m Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme marks a potential change in the fortunes of London-based SMEs, providing them an opportune means of lowering their emissions and upgrading their ageing and inefficient commercial boilers. Pete Mills, Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, looks at the implications the scheme may have on the commercial heating industry:

London is one of Europe’s most polluted cities, with harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide regularly choking the capital. Pollutant levels frequently exceed the EU Air Quality Standards’ legal limits. For instance, the area around Marble Arch has recorded 5-times the EU limit on nitrogen dioxide levels. This is despite a 25% reduction in vehicles travelling on London’s road network and emitting harmful pollutants1

. According to statistics from the Mayor of

London, 7% of London’s NOx emissions are the result of commercial gas consumption, while 40% of carbon emissions in the capital are from commercial properties. The capital has a pollution problem that is exacerbating chronic illnesses and causing thousands of premature deaths.

The pursuit of clean air

The introduction of the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme in July this year was largely welcomed by the heating industry who saw the benefits that this scheme could bring to the capital’s pollution

reduction efforts and to SMEs looking to upgrade their inefficient commercial boilers and reduce their operating costs. With a very attractive 30-40% cashback

available the scheme has been designed to incentivise SMEs to replace their older boilers, with more efficient heating systems. Schemes that offer the opportunity to invest in energy-saving commercial boiler systems at a subsidised rate do not come along often. So, for SMEs in London this is a valuable moment that should be seized. Old boilers must currently be in working

condition, and if fuelled by gas, oil or LPG, must be at least 10 years old. Those commercial boilers which are powered by coal or biomass can be of any age as they make use of heavily polluting fuels and so pose a threat to efforts to reduce the capital’s emissions. Overheads for SMEs in London can be

sky-high, with one square foot of space in Kings Cross setting a business back £82.50. With this in mind it is hard to imagine why any eligible SME would not take a proactive lead in seizing this moment.

The options Oftentimes commercial boilers are

an unnoticed addition to any commercial premises, with servicing and routine maintenance overlooked until the heating system suffers a breakdown causing a sizable expense to rear its head. The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme offers businesses a chance to upgrade that too-often forgotten inefficient heating system for a modern, efficient commercial boiler that future- proofs their business. Modern gas condensing boilers such as the

Bosch Condens 7000 F have been designed to maximise efficiency and to provide customers with ultra-low NOx levels that will not only reduce their commercial emissions making them compliant with the

26 fmuk Pete Mills

latest ErP Directive, but will also safeguard their monetary investment – allowing them to benefit from improved boiler efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The clock is ticking

Unfortunately for London-based SMEs and the wider heating industry, the cashback scheme is time and money-limited. It will only run until 2020, or until the £10m has been claimed by eligible businesses. It is therefore vital that those SMEs looking to take advantage of the scrappage scheme act fast or risk losing out. The heating industry has a valuable role

to play in ensuring that SMEs seize this opportunity. Heating engineers should be urging customers to check their eligibility and apply for the cashback, while industry- bodies should be keeping this topic at the forefront of industry thought to make sure that the scrappage scheme is given the best possible chance of success. The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme

has national potential but for this, we need to ensure that it is a success in London. With 36,000 premature deaths caused by air pollution in the UK it is vital for the health of the nation that the commercial boiler scrappage scheme is a success. Upgrading ageing, inefficient and polluting commercial boilers for a modern boiler at a subsidised rate is an opportunity that all UK SMEs deserve – by championing pollution reduction efforts in London, we can all play our part in rolling the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme out nationwide. For more information on the Cleaner

Heat Cashback Scheme, take a look at Bosch Commercial and Industrial’s Quick Guide.


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