The Cleaning Show

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With more content than ever before at the Cleaning Show 2019, we’re pleased to announce details of the three day conference programme which will take place on the show floor. With one day dedicated to Estate and Facilities Management, you’ll be able to learn from a range of industry professionals discussing issues facing facilities and estate management. A facilities management panel debate will

take place on Wednesday afternoon with panellists including Matt Coulson, CEO, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work; Sandrino Vieira, Chiswick Park Guest Services Manager, JPC; Mark Loubser, Head of Environmental Services, Intu Retail Services and Michael Foreman, Managing Director, Don’t Waste UK. The panel debate will focus on the importance of working with customers to deliver wider aims of their business and how each panellist have worked towards achieving environmental and corporate social responsibility. There will also be a strong focus on

hygiene in hospitals, care homes and clinics where hygiene is paramount. The choice of hand-drying system affects the number and spread of microbes in washrooms and can increase the risk of spreading illness. Keith Redway, Emeritus Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Westminster will be discussing the impact on users and washrooms in healthcare environments when choosing your hand- drying options. Neil Nixon, Editor, Cleaning & Maintenance

Magazine will be hosting the Circular Economy Panel Debate which will investigate how recycling in the cleaning sector can aid the circular economy. He will be joined

10 fmuk

by Lorcan Mekitarian, Sales Director, RPC bpi recycled products, Åsa Degerman, Global Brand Innovation Manager, Essity, John Brill, Sales Director, Nilfisk and Owen George, Group Development and Innovation Manager, Grundon. The Green Zone feature area will be

returning to the Cleaning Show in 2019. This space will offer advice and solutions to those looking to reduce their environmental impact and offer more sustainable services. A Resource Management area is also being developed which will focus on waste management and recycling. In addition, there will be The Cleaning

Show Clinic, a drop-in space featuring a wide range of experts and consultants, who will be on hand to present short sessions and give practical one-to-one advice on a number of different issues including health and safety, recruitment and social media. 2019 will see a newly revamped window

cleaning challenge with the launch of the Window Cleaning World Cup sponsored by Unger. Adjudicated by the FWC, there will be

an international campaign and prize fund to encourage more cleaners from overseas to get involved. Competitors from around the world

are formally being invited to enter, and they’ll get the chance to win the first ever Window Cleaning World Cup and prize of £1,000. It’s also hoped by attracting more global participants that someone may finally come close to beating Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows 10-year world record of 9.14 seconds. In addition, organisers are looking to

encourage more women cleaners to take part, highlighting that Deborah Morris’

record time of 16.28 seconds has now stood for over eight years. And while there may be some changes to

the format in terms of prizes and titles, one thing that hasn’t altered is the actual window cleaning challenge itself. You will still need to clean three standard

114.3 x 114.3 cm office windows, set in a frame, with a 300 mm long squeegee and 9 litres of water. Plus you have to remember to wipe the sill! Innovation will also be very high on the

agenda, and once again in 2019 the Cleaning Show will be hosting the Innovation Awards. These are a series of prizes for the best products and services being exhibited at the show and will offer attendees the opportunity to see a number of new and innovative products which have not been seen before in the UK. An expert panel will be judging the most innovative products on Tuesday 19 March with the winners being announced that afternoon at 4.30pm. Alongside the conference programme, the

international exhibition will showcase the latest products and services for cleaning, hygiene and maintenance. Featured exhibitors include Diversey, Northwood Hygiene Products, Kärcher, Numatic International, Vileda Professional, SEBO, Nilfisk and Jangro. Attending the Cleaning Show will mean

you will be able to find innovated products and services, try out the latest equipment before you buy, see demonstrations and learn new techniques, discover future trends and new business ideas and build relationships with suppliers face-to-face. Visit the website for more details and register for your free pass now:

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