Recycling redesigned for the modern workplace Method has arrived in the UK.

Flexible Recycling for the Modern Facility

Method has developed an elegant waste solution for modern facilities that effectively change recycling behaviours while saving time, money and the environment. Method are the makers of visible,

flexible and beautiful recycling bins, found globally in facilities such as Foster + Partners, the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, the Design Council and many more. Re-thinking how modern offices

work has reshaped how they’re designed – from our desks, to our kitchens, to the power we use. Yet decisions about waste have long been neglected until the final hour, leading to systems that are inconsistent with the building aesthetic or hidden away from sight. Co-founders Steven and India Korner

spent three years mastering Method’s award- winning products and recyclable packaging – holding focus groups, preparing prototypes, and even assisting cleaners on night-shifts. All of this hard work paid off, resulting in

the colour-coded and ultimately behaviour- changing Method 60L Office Recycling Bins. Designed for the modern workplace, they connect together to form flexible recycling stations that can be adapted to your facilities needs. They are scalable to grow with your

organisation, making it easy to add new bins or streams as your needs change. Method pioneered the concept of Open

Plan Recycling, bringing the recycling stations out in the open, changing the way people interact with waste. Being visible, users are more likely to consider where their waste is going, even subconsciously, and can encourage others to follow suit. This can also unite people in a common cause and impact their waste behaviours outside of the facility. With Open Plan Recycling, cleaners save

time servicing communal recycling stations rather than individual desk bins. The Method system benefits every person in the waste process of a space, allowing management

to assert their sustainability goals visibly and effectively. Employees too are encouraged to achieve more effective landfill diversion, and waste service providers will receive waste that has been accurately sorted at source. Inspired by a passionate cleaner

who had developed his own system to stop bin liners hanging out, Method developed a built-in, patented Bag Retainer System. Simple to use, the bag retainer stops the bin liner from hanging out like an untucked shirt, for a sleek finish. This makes the bin easy to empty

and reline, and eliminates issues for cleaners when handling them. Recycling can significantly reduce the

impact a facility has on the environment, is cost effective compared to other disposal methods, and customers are becoming more sensitive to sustainable business practices. For these reasons and many more, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to implement effective waste and recycling systems in their facilities.

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award-winning waste solution here –

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