Cork Rocks

The Self-Regenerating Building Material Cork is both recyclable and renewable because it regenerates its bark after harvesting, which causes no harm to trees. Durable cork can be found in the flooring of the Library of Congress and as an insulator for space shuttles. It’s also a waterproof,

abrasion-resistant fire retardant and acoustic insulator with odor and humidity-controlling and acoustic sound-dampening applications. In Portugal, the world’s largest producer, the outer skin regrows in time for the next harvest. The stripped trees absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and release more oxygen, so Portugal’s cork forests, ormontados, are often referred to as the “lungs” of the environment.

Smart Trash Baltimore Rolls Out Sensor-Equipped Bins

Baltimore is spending $15 million to deploy 4,000 sensor-equipped trash receptacles that signal when they need emptying to increase collection efficiency. “The cans come with Wi-Fi; we will utilize this capability to allow the can to transmit information, including how full it is, so we can offer as-needed servicing of the cans,” says Jeffrey Raymond, with the Baltimore Department of Public Works. The solar-powered trash receptacles are manufactured by Ecube Labs, with offices in Los Angeles and South Korea. The company is installing its CleanCUBE bins across Baltimore in three stages, starting with 150 units in the South Baltimore gateway/casino area.

Wellness by Design

wi th Cl a s s i c al Fe ng Sh u i True or Classical Feng Shui is a science firmly rooted in architecture,

astronomy, physics and design which analyzes the interaction of energy in and around our built environments and how that impacts our overall

wellbeing. The goal is to reintegrate us with nature, optimize energy flow, improve health, minimize stress and enhance our overall quality of life so we can function at our best and create the life we desire.

Kandace Schuman Dole is a Classical Feng Shui Practitioner, Holistic Design

Consultant and Holistic Health Professional. She combines information based on the orientation of your building, construction date and the unique energy and challenges of each occupant (provided by birth dates) and creates a

customized Bagua (energy map) for the location. This map, combined with your goals and aspirations, is used as a tool to create an environment that allows you to manifest your highest potential. Benefits include:

Improved health and immunity • Improvement in relationships Increased sense of wellbeing • Increased productivity and prosperity

Contact Tranquil Flow Feng Shui and learn how integrating elements of nature, color, light, aroma and sound in a balanced way can nurture you and create a place of tranquility and inspiration to return to each day.

Tranquil Flow Feng Shui & Holistic Spaces, LLC •

12 NA Triangle

Poor Packaging The Problem With Bottled

Water Is the Bottle One million plastic bottles are sold around the world

each minute. Most are used for bottled water, and most end up in the trash. As demand grows, especially in China, so does

the bottle problem. According to environmental watchdog

Euromonitor, if the present rate of consumption is not reduced, humans will use an estimated half a trillion plastic bottles a

year by 2021. The French mineral water brand Evian is part of the problem, but is working on a

plan to address it through a new approach. The company plans to use 100 percent recycled plastic by 2025 and to partner with a

nonprofit focused on collecting ocean plastic.

Nothing can bring a real

sense of security into the home except true love.

—Billy Graham



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