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our lift service provider is your key to safe and secure accessibility and, in turn, happy residents.

With an estimated 50,000 operational lifts in

UK housing, we can all recognise that their performance and reliability are absolutely central to well-managed housing. It is also known that at least 25,000 of those

operational lifts were installed more than 25 years ago – essentially prior to the lift regulations that are in place today. That’s where our lift expertise can help.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE AND LIFT EQUIPMENT INSPECTION It is every building owner/manager’s responsibility to ensure the lift equipment they provide for residents is safe and reliable. A reputable and expert lift service provider will inspect equipment regularly, service all moving parts and advise when additional work may be necessary to repair worn parts or bring equipment within current guidelines.

NEW LIFTS OR REFURBISHED? If you manage a housing development with ageing or troublesome lifts there are several pathways to improved and reliable accessibility for building occupiers.

NEW LIFTS You may need to consider installing new lifts, firefighting lifts, evacuation lifts, vandal-resistant lifts - removing old equipment from an existing shaft or space in order to install new.

ALL NEW PASSENGER LIFTS are equipped to conform to British Standard EN81-73: Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire. This ensures the lift is connected to the fire alarm system and, in the event of a fire, will travel to the ground floor and remain there with its doors open so firefighters

can immediately see no one is trapped in the lift. The lift is then no longer operated within the building until the fire has been resolved.

FIREFIGHTING LIFTS are especially designed to offer additional protection to users. Built to British Standard EN81-72, fire-fighting lifts are specifically designed to be used under direct control of the fire and rescue service to assist in containing or quelling a fire. In some cases this lift might also be a designated evacuation lift installed and fortified to satisfy British Standard EN81-76.

VANDAL-RESISTANT LIFTS feature toughened car finishes and durable materials and accessories to resist damage by fire and water, in line with British Standard EN81 -71. It is worth noting that the cost of a new lift can be

equivalent to a large scale modernisation. A site survey will assess the potential lift configuration and features that can be accommodated in the existing shaft and advise accordingly.

REFURBISHED LIFTS IN EXISTING SHAFTS Our lift engineers can also refurbish or modernise your lift equipment to ensure safety for all,

improved performance, running cost savings and modern aesthetics inside the lift car and on all landings. Improving some or all parts of your existing lift equipment will extend the life of your lifts and building and can significantly reduce running costs. Modernising your lifts can also reduce maintenance costs, particularly if troublesome equipment has meant frequent call- outs and unhappy users. Many of our projects are modernising equipment whilst maintaining the heritage feel of a lift.

MINIMISING DOWNTIME OF YOUR LIFT EQUIPMENT Many lift owners/managers are focused on eliminating downtime of essential lift equipment. To guarantee the safety of building users at all times lifts do need essential maintenance downtime. There should, ideally, be two lifts available in a building so that one can always be operational. When our engineers carry out major lift repairs,

refurbishment, removals and replacements your residents are our first priority. We liaise with all who have an interest in the building, often joining resident associations, providing temporary alternative lift equipment and scheduling our work to make life flow as well as possible.

STANNAH lift services are provided 24/7, 365 days a year via our network of local service branches across the UK. With over 360 highly- trained lift engineers and a portfolio of over 93,000 lifts (not just our own but from all manufacturers) we are poised to help your housing remain accessible at all times.

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