Bathroom refurbishment Showering solutions

Ann Boardman, Saniflo UK’s head of Marketing and Product Development, explains some of the main trends and developments in bathroom refurbishment and showering


s someone who’s responsible for housing management and maintenance, it’s important to know about products, trends, legislation, and much more. Tis is no easy task. Looking at the bathroom space

alone, there is so much to keep abreast of. Ask people what they want in their accommodation and a top priority is a

decent shower experience. Today, the range of shower types is vast and it can be a daunting task in itself just knowing where to start. Tere are many reasons why shower cubicles are the right choice. Shower cubicles are swiſt and easy to install, they minimise disruption, and they don’t require tiles, grout, or silicone. Tey’re also leak-free, in many cases can be fitted and working in less than a day, and they’re easy to maintain and keep looking pristine. Besides those benefits, when it comes to showering, there are other factors that

we as an industry need to consider. We have an ageing population, not only an ageing end user population but also an ageing plumbing industry workforce; everyone wants projects to be completed as fast as possible with as little hassle as possible and affordably as possible. Also, the number of timber framed buildings is growing and these require special considerations that many people overlook. In terms of an ageing population we have been seeing the rise of inclusively

designed showering options. Tis means that showering options, while being inclusively designed, must be stylish enough for everyone to find attractive. Tis includes the growing popularity of low-level shower trays including wetroom style options that can accommodate a wheelchair and walk-in shower cubicles with grab rails and seats. If we look at this example, and consider not only the ageing population but also the ageing plumbers, there is a great difference between the enclosure,

“No tiling, no grout, no silicone. You can turn a bathroom around in a day in many cases”

the wetroom style option, and the shower cubicle option. Wetrooms and enclosures place more physical strain and time demands on plumbing professionals, in terms of the intensity of labour required and project duration, while cubicles can be intuitive and easy to install. Not only that, but the fact that cubicles can be up and working in less than a day is another reason why they are becoming the choice of more property managers, housebuilders, installers, and homeowners. Tere are even shower cubicles that are designed to fit exactly into the space

where a bath was. Tis means that all you have to do is rip the other bath out and fit the bath replacement shower cubicle. No tiling, no grout, no silicone. You can turn a bathroom around in a day in many cases. By installing shower cubicles which are leak free thanks to the design,

property managers, can maintain margins and labour rates while boosting customer satisfaction and minimising call backs. Choose the right shower cubicle and you will be able to deliver a quick fix without compromising on design or performance. A growing number of public and private sector building projects are turning to shower cubicles combined with pumps and macerators to help them complete | HMM September 2018 | 31

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