News Home care for elderly praised

CARERSwho help the elderly inWestMalling to keep their independence have earned the praise of a government inspector.

Age Concern Malling, based at

the centre in Norman Road, has been offering older people help at home andwith issues such as foot- care and bathing since 2000. The charity, at Rotary House,

was visited by the Care Quality Commission on August 1, which rated every aspect of the service as good. Prior to this, the inspection team

had spoken on the telephone to 11 service-users and four relatives. They were told that “a person-

centred culture” was promoted, with people supported to have maximumchoice aswell as control of their lives and personalised care responsive to their needs. On home help, the inspector

noted: “People who need help to eat and drink enoughwere assisted in the right way. They told us that

A MAN has appeared in court charged with aggravated vehicle taking inWestMalling. Karolis Kavaliauskas (22), of no

Staff at Age ConcernMalling who provide a service rated ‘good’

care staff helped them make the meals and drinks they wanted. Care staff also liaisedwith relatives if a person was running low on provisions.” It added: “People toldus that they

felt safe using the service, with one saying: ‘Staff are lovely and caring and I look forward to seeing them.”

Relatives were also complimen-

tary, with one remarking: “The service seems very organised and friendly. I think it’s because it’s a charity that focuses on helping older people, so they’re happy to go the extramile.” It said care staff had the re- sources they needed to ensure peo-

plewere treatedwith kindness and given emotional support when necessary,whichwas appreciated. One elderly person told the in-

spector care staff stayed longer for a cup of tea and a chat, adding: “It absolutelymakesmy day. “Yes, I need to havemy feet done

but, almost asmuch, I need to have a gossip.” Penny Nicholls, Age Concern

Malling’s chief executive, was de- lighted with the result of the in- spection. She said: “It is with great credit

to the staff and the registeredman- ager that we are able to provide a high standard of service, whilst also ensuring frail and vulnerable people feel valued and included in the delivery and provision of activ- ities and services.”

Thief in court World challenge Poppy seeks sponsors

fixed address, was arrested on the M26 on August 9 in connection with the theft of a BMWX3 froman address in Kings Hill. He appeared by video link before

Medwaymagistrates onAugust 11, and was remanded to Maidstone Crown Court for a date to be set.

Track vandals

VANDALS caused a train driver to stop when they threw rubbish on to the track near Halling. Passengerswere held on the train

on August 22 while it was cleared and caused knock-on delays to other trains throughout the Maid- stone andMalling areas.

A WATERINGBURY teenager has launched a “50p amile” challenge to raise funds for a volunteering, con- servation and rainforest trekking ex- pedition to Costa Rica in 2019. Poppy Isted, a year 11 student at

Invicta Grammar School, has been selected to go on the once-in-a- lifetime expedition as part ofWorld Challenge, a multi-national organi- sationwhich providesworldwide, ed- ucational experiences. Poppy has to raise all the money

for the trip and is planning to do this by washing cars, producing quiz sheets and holding stalls at fetes. She is also seeking sponsorship and donations fromcompanies and indi- viduals. Fifteen-year-old Poppy, from Wa- teringbury, said: “It’s 5,439 miles

from Wateringbury to Costa Rica and I have to raise £2,700 – that’s the equivalent of 50p a mile to get me out there. “I’m therefore asking local busi-

nesses if they’d like to sponsor a pro- portion of the journey at 50p amile, from20miles (£10) up to 200miles (£100).” Poppy added: “This is going to be

an amazing experience, offeringme the chance to help with a commu- nity and conservation project in Costa Rica. I’m also developing im- portant business skills as part of the fundraising process. “I’d like to thank everyone in an-

ticipation of their support.” To donate to the fund online, go

to ing/50pchallenge.

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