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Cricket Cllr Balfour hadmetwith the cricket club and supported the growth of cricket at Kings Hill Sports Park. He offered his helpwith negotiations. Play areas Itwas agreed to use the existing play area contingency fund of £6,000 towards the costs of the Sports Park play areas. Community centre The plans for a 200m2 extension to the centrewere agreed. The clerkwould consultwith the S106 group on all decisions.

Mereworth Pre-School Jenny Thomson reported that

shewas hoping to have a drainage expert looking at the flooding issues in the car park and outside area. The pre-school had funds available and itwas their priority to ensure that the children had access to an outside area every day. The chairman thanked Jenny and the pre-school for their help at the fete. Waste contract Borough CllrAnn Kemp said thewaste contractwas nowunder discussion at Tonbridge andMalling Borough Council and charges could be introduced (possibley £40 per year) for the collection of gardenwaste from2020. Collections door-to-doorwould be for glass, plastics, cans, cardboard and paper and food. School parking The chairman explained that KCCwould support turning the layby into a restricted parking area, providing signage andwouldmove the bus stop. The restrictionwould be enforced by the school. Costswould not be covered by KCC andwould be in the region of £2- 3,000. Therewere no funds available from TMBC. Cllr Olden reported that schoolchildren had recently put notices on cars and inadvertently put one on a resident’s car. Unfortunately the resident had been extremely irate and aggressive at the school. Village hall liaison Jon Regan had resigned fromthe commi�ee. Philip Olden was to stand as vice-chairman and Jenny Thorogood agreed to be the parish council’s representative. The chairman proposed thatmeetings be organised so that theywere held quarterly, after parish councilmeetings. The suggested bar at the pavilionwould be discussed at the next village hallmeeting. PCC liaison CllrWells had discussed the mowing of the churchyardwith Kent Landscapes and themanagerwas due to visit. Some of the congregation had helped to clear grass and hadmown the edges prior to awedding. Cllr Olden said the gatepost at the church had been replaced with the same sandstone as the church dressings, so itwouldweather. Rev. Pat Dickin nowhad a key to the pavilion car park barrier. Play and recreation areas The seats had been installed on the newpatio in front of the pavilion in time for the fete day. Itwas agreed that they lookedwonderful,with many comments fromresidents. Kentish Stonewere thanked for the improvements, and CllrMa�hewBalfourwas thanked for

34 Malling September 2018

funding this project through hismember’s grant. Photographs Cllr Pullenwould contact MartinWillgoss regarding the framing and display of old photographs in the village hall. Bale’s over The clerk had contactedWest Peckhamparish council to ask if they intended to light a beacon or bonfire on November 11. They had no plans to do so, andwere therefore invited to a�end the Mereworth bonfire. Cllr Thorogood agreed to organise food, such as chilli, curry or stew,whichwould be free to those a�ending. Itwas agreed to askWest Peckhamif itwould like to co-fund the food costs. Pat Dickin and a buglerwould be asked to a�end, and former servicemen would be invited to speak. Parking could be either on Jon Regan’s field or onMark Sigger’s land,with permissions. Village fete Thankswere recorded to all thosewhomade the fete a financial success, and also to the prize donors. The event raised £4,018, and itwas proposed to share it in the same proportions as last year. Lier CllrWells referred to correspondence fromPatrick Bates regarding li�er andweeds. The clerk had invited himto organise a li�er pick but had not had a response. CllrWells noted that there had been no official li�er pick this year, but the clerk reported that several residents undertook li�er picking on a regularly.


Kentfield FarmComplaints had been received about noise froman event held on a Saturday night,withmusic going on until 12.45am. It had been brought to the council’s a�ention that therewas a wedding at Kentfields Farmon July 7. Terms of the licence state that the parish council should be given 14 days notice of such events, but no noticewas received. Green Belt Cllr Frankling had a�ended the Parish Partnership Panel to hear details of the Local Plan. O�amremained concerned about the application to build housing on Kings Hill,which is in the middle of the proposed Green Belt. Armistice Cllr Franklingmetwith two vicars, Sue Young, the O�amSociety and

the village hall commi�ee to discuss how the village couldmark the armistice centenary. The parish council agreed to buy a ring of poppies around the oak tree on the greenwith a plaque bearing information about the soldiers. The estimated costwas £200. GDPR Satswana had not responded and seemed to be inundatedwith requests to act by parish councils.Aswell as an annual fee, the clerkwould have to a�end a trainingworkshop at extra cost. Itwas agreed that very li�le personal datawas held and the clerk had an encrypted laptop. Councillorswould delete files, destroy documents andmanage emails themselves andwould not send personal data by email. Itwas agreed not to appoint a data protection officer. Vacancy Stephen Ricke� had put his name forward for the parish council vacancy and itwas agreed to co-opt him. May Day 2018 The event raised £4,000 this year,whichwas the biggest profit ever. Councillors sawdetails of the grants they had awarded. Environmental projects There had been a working party at the pond. Cllrs Slate and Ricke�were thanked for their hardwork, alongwith Cllr Ricke�’swife and Clive. Work on thewell and planting the tree would be carried out in coolerweather. It was agreed to cancel the contractwith Green Thumb, asmany of the bulbs around the trees had been killed by weedkiller. Newbulbswould be planted and the greenwould be leftwithout treatment for a year to see howit fared. Manhole coverA cover in the grass outsideWoodmanswas loose. Cllr Frankling would inspect it to establish who it belonged to. Play equipment CllrWilliams said Playdale had put all the equipment back. It was noted that the equipmentwas ge�ing tired. CllrWilliams had cut back the trees where children climbed up on to the equipment. The gate on to the road had been painted and Suewas thanked for this. Parishes in BloomCllr Franklin and Cllr Williams escorted a judge around the village and reported that hewas very complimentary about it. Village hallA lot ofmoney fromreserves had been spent onmaintenance and refurbishment. The barn dancemade £472.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

AVEHICLE parked at a house in FieldingDrive, Larkfieldwas broken into. The padlock on a garage door inMorris

Close, EastMalling,was damaged in a possible a�empted break in but no access was gained. Ahouse in Plover Road, Larkfield,was

broken into. Avehicle parked in Freelands Road,

Snodland,was keyed. Number plateswere removed froma

vehicle parked in Lee Road, Snodland. Itemswere removedwithout permission froma property in PoynderDrive,

Snodland. Both number plateswere stolen froma

VauxhallAstra parked in Fernleigh Rise, Dion. Avehicle parked in Rochester Road,

Aylesford,was keyed. No accesswas gained in an a�empted

break in at a house in Primrose Close, Snodland. An Integra bicyclewas stolen fromthe

garden of a house inMalling Road, Snodland. Avehicle parked inNorman Road,West Malling, suffered damage.

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