Education |News Is university right for you?

JOURNALISM graduate and Coxheath resident Jack McNally, who is now a reporter at DownsMail, offers some insights into finding a university course that is right for the student…

UNIVERSITY. It’s the word that hangs over everyonewho studiesAlevels and is the target for everyone who takes their exams. But when it finally comes to the decision of

going to university it suddenly becomes terri- fying. Should I go? Is it worth it?What course will I do? Forme universitywas an afterthought, I did-

n’t want to go because I didn’t think there was a course that Iwould actually enjoy. Everyone I studied sociology and psychology

with atA Level was going on to do a degree in criminology. I thought thatwas the only course I could apply for and itwasn’twhat Iwanted to study. It was only after having a chat with the head

of my sixth form that she explained I could apply for almost any kind of university course I liked.And so, being a huge sports fan, I found and applied for a degree in sports journalism. Going to university on a course that you

specifically picked is brilliant. You meet like-minded people who all share

the same interests and same reasons for choos- ing the course. You get completely immersed in the subject

and learn all the things very few people get to know about. For a sports journalism course, I met somany peoplewho liked the same sports, but also had their own niche favourites. For ex- ample, I was the only person who loved bas- ketball, while there was a Norwegian guy who loved ice hockey. And while you do meet a lot of people who

share similar interests on and off your course, I like to think that university is also a way of teaching you howto become an adult quickly. For most people, it’s the first time you live

away from home, doing the dreaded laundry and trying to cookmeals thatwill not break the bank or turn your stomach. University offers you two big opportunities. The first is spending three or four years get-

ting a degree in a subject you are actually inter- ested in, and when you do, that degree opens up a million opportunities for future jobs and career paths. But the second is kind of away of learning to

become a responsible adult, while having the safety net of still being in education. For me university was the best choice I ever


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