GP ‘surgery ditched’ fromhomes scheme

A DEVELOPMENT of 840 homes in Hermitage Lane at Aylesford could go aheadwithout the promised GP services on site, say campaigners. Gladman Developments report-

edly revised its proposal for amed- ical centre after being told itwas no longer required. This led to fears that more than

2,000 patientswould be joining the area without enough GPs to deal with the influx. A representative for the New

Allington Action Group (NAAG) said: “The masterplan which has been submitted for this application has no provision or land safe- guarded for a GP or new medical centre.” A spokesman for Gladman was

reported as saying that the decision came after discussionswith TMBC, Kent County Council, Highways England and the NHS. The original planning applica-

tion for the land east of Hermitage Lane will see changes to the junc-

proposal by its planning committee had still to be set. The site is pro- posed in its emerging Local Plan, which has still to be put out to pub- lic consultation. Steve Humphrey, the council’s

director of planning, said: “This de- velopment, if approved,will be re- quired by the council to address the local health care needs that it generates.Howthat is done, either byway of on-site provision or at an agreeable location nearby, remains under reviewat present.” Hundreds of objections have

Campaigner JamesWillis

tion with the A20 and a link road fromPoppy Fields roundabout and Hermitage Lane, as well as a new primary school. A spokesman for Tonbridge &

Malling Borough Council said a date for the consideration of the

been received frommembers of the public. Transport campaigner- James Willis, pictured, said: “Of course, we all know that we need houses but they have got to be built in a sensible and sustainable way with infrastructure in place. It’s called joined up thinking.” ANAAGadded: “The infrastruc-

ture is already poor in this areawith schools over-subscribed with wait- ing lists and the same situation ex- ists for doctor’s surgeries.”

News Car theft arrest

A MAN was arrested after police officers spotted a suspected stolen car being driven on the A20 Lon- don Road towards Larkfield onAu- gust 30. ViktorObuchov (34), of Romford

in Essexwas later chargedwith ag- gravated vehicle taking, driving without a licence and drivingwith- out insurance. The charges relate to the reported theft of a BMW from theAylesford area. Mr Obuchov was bailed to ap-

pear before SevenoaksMagistrates’ Court on October 9.

New 999 boss

KINGS Hill resident David Astley has taken over as the local ambu- lance service chief. Mr Astley, who has taken over

from caretaker boss Graham Col- bert, has four decades’ experience in healthcaremanagement. Hewill beworking for the South

East Coast NHS Foundation Trust and starts in late September.

Flower festival LEEDS Castle holds its annual flower festival between September 15-20. The theme is “Ladies’ Day”and further details can be found on the castle’swebsite.

Malling September 2018


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