Te registry began with eight approved stallions and has since grown to over 60 national, international, World Cup and Olympic performance stallions.

Only top-quality horses are admitted to the registry

through the visual inspection and evaluation of stal- lions, mares and foals. Using the same stringent judg- ing criteria as inspections in Belgium, the Belgian jury looks for modern horses who have correct conforma- tion for soundness, athletic potential for the Olympic disciplines, proven bloodlines for performance, good temperament for rideability and, above all, the poten- tial to pass these traits on to their offspring. As a re- sult, this selectivity ensures buyers, riders and breeders of Belgian Warmbloods are getting the highest quality horse possible. Te registry began with eight approved stallions and

has since grown to over 60 national, international, World Cup and Olympic performance stallions. BWP/NAD fosters a unique relationship with our

European counterpart in that all passports and papers are generated by Belgium. Te registry follows the rules and guidelines set in Belgium for breeding, judging criteria and registration. All of the stallions approved in North America are fully approved and recognized in Europe. Tis reciprocity sets the BWP/NAD apart from other European Warmblood registries in North America.

BWP Ambassadors and Elite Horses We have been very fortunate to have former head BWP

stallion judge Boudewijn Schepers come from Belgium each year for the past 12 years to judge at our keur- ings, including the inspection of our Elite stallions and mares. Tere are now an impressive 30 Elite stallions and 47 Elite mares owned by BWP/NAD breeders.

Some of the Elite stallions approved here in North America include: Bull Run’s Faustino (Berliln), VDL Bubalu (Baloubet du Rouet), Button Sitte (Ogano Sitte), Dulf vd Bisschop/now Ambassador (Heartbreaker), ASB Conquistador/Bush vd Heffinck (Clinton), Jonkheer Z (Jetset D) Obourg (Richebourg), Domino (Darco), Orlando (Heartbreaker), A-Peterbilt (Lio- calyon), Ublesco (Darco), Uno de Laubry (Galoubet), Chaqui Z (Chacco Blue), Cyklon (Cardento), C Wildfire (Quidam de Revel), Chill R Z (Chellano Z), Imothep/ now Ambassador (Indoctro) and many others. Some of the Elite mares include Werly Chin de Muze

(Nabab de Reve), Miss Independent (Kingston), Rolette (Lester), Fabiolis vd Zuuthoeve/Emma (Tunder vd Zuuthoeve), Una Donja (Heartbreaker), Bull Runs Holy Smokes/Evy (Wunderboy vd Zuuthoeve), Utterhorn VDL (Matterhorn), Everly Chin de la Pomme (Malito de Reve), Intrepide du Valon (Oberon du Moulen), Coco Cabana (Cantus), Rio’s Rhapsody (Rio Grande), Toldine (Baloubet du Rouet), Mistery (Darco), Kattie Riddle (Kolibri), Java vd Kleinheide (Tunder vd Zuuthoeve), Toscane R (Cavalier), Valeska vd Raampaarden (Darco) and Quickstar II Z (Quito de Baussy). Performance requirements are a major part of our

Elite program. Elite stallions must jump at least five clear rounds at 1.45m and Elite mares five clear rounds at 1.40m. In addition to the performance requirements (P-Label), both must pass conformation inspection (E- Label) and provide acceptable radiographs (G-Label). Mares must have at least one registered foal (ET is ac- ceptable). To become an Ambassador for the BWP, the stallion

BWP/NAD Elite mare “Quickstar II Z” (Quito de Baussy x Jeny de la Cen- se) jumped to 1.60m with McLain Ward (USA).

42 September/October 2018

or one of his offspring must have competed in the final of the World Equestrian Games or the Olympic Games. Another possibility is when a stallion has at least five offspring within the top 100 on the WBFSH stallion ranking. In 2014, the BWP/NAD was awarded our first Ambassador with HH Rebozo (Dollar de la Pierre x Ramiro), owned by BWP/NAD breeder Double H Farm. In 2015 our second Ambassador was awarded to Imothep (Indoctro x Calvados), owned by BWP/NAD breeder Vicky Castegren of Hyperion Stud, LLC. Tis year, we were pleased to have the Olympic gold medal winner Big Star (Quick Star x Nimmerdor) owned by Gary and Beverley Widdowson, named as our third Ambassador.

Belgian Warmblood Association Kate MacPhail

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