like the upcoming WEG in the U.S., following the regula- tions set by the FDA and USDA concerning the import of horse feed poses some major logistical challenges. These feeds are considered quarantined for the duration of the event, and unused feed has to be collected and destroyed at the conclusion. KER expects to import about 120 differ- ent feeds, and will also offer about 20 different feeds from a selection of U.S. brands. KER will also work with U.S. regula- tory agencies to facilitate the shipment of additional feeds with the horses, since in many cases final team selections are made after ocean freight containers depart to reach the U.S. in time for the competition.

3 and 7

Which airports are the WEG’s international horses flying into? What about their quar-

antines? According to Tim Dutta of the Dutta Corpora- tion, the company commissioned by the FEI and TIEC to manage the flights for all competition horses, European horses will fly into Greeneville-Spartanburg International Airport, less than one hour south of TIEC. The quarantine for the horses, lasting up to three days, is located at the Tryon showgrounds. South American horses all must fly into Miami and will be held in a seven-day quarantine there, primarily to be tested for the screwworm. (Screwworm is a pest native to tropical areas of the Americas. The larvae of these pests feed on the raw flesh of the host animal.) From there the horses will be transported by trailer 750 miles north to the show venue. The lengthy traditional 30-day quarantine for mares and stallions known as the CEM quarantine is waived for all WEG competition horses, as well as the quarantine for equine piroplasmosis.


The new “WEQx Games” is a separate group of nine competitions that will be occurring alongside the WEG at TIEC from September 11–23. These jumping

and polo events offer generous prize moneys and will take place in the evening, following the regular WEG events. The different events are: U-25 Open Championship, U.S. Open Speed Horse, DERBYx, Battle of the Sexes (10 men versus 10 women), Match Race, Puissance, Six Bar, Pony Jumpers and Gladiator Polo.


WEG guests can visit the World Equine Expo, which will feature at least 150 vendors. From arena footing to supple-

ments to raingear and jewelry, there will be a wide variety of products to see. There is even a special row of booths for non-profit organizations offered to them at a special discounted rate. (Even discounted, though, a 9 foot x 10 foot booth costs over six thousand dollars.) Will any breed registries have exhibits? Yes. As of this writing, the Akhal- Teke Association of America and Arabian Horse Association will be there to promote their breeds.

5 and 6

bloods Today who is based in Kentucky. JP is bringing four of his

4 upper-level stal-

lions, JP Orion, JP Zorro (ridden bridle- less by his assistant Cedar Potts), JP Zuper- star and JP Zhivago, to perform daily dressage demonstrations in the clinic arena located near the entrance of the Tryon Park.

Lexington was bidding on it, but early in 2017 the commis- sion that oversees the popular equestrian center voted to withdraw from consideration. Šamorín in Slovakia was next in line to stage the big event, but that city decided not to sign the contract with the FEI at the end of 2017. So the FEI was forced to re-open the bidding process—all eyes are patiently watching to see which country will step in.

2022 24 September/October 2018

A concurrent two-day event happening at the WEG is an exhibition of five- and

six-year-old jumpers. Spy Coast Farm has partnered with the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses) to help educate spectators as these young jumpers are critiqued over fences. The goal of the “WBFSH Developing Jumper Exhibition” is to further draw attention to breed- ing for sport, and to the studbooks that support breeders in producing these horses. This event is planned for the second week of the WEG while the jumping competitions are going on and will showcase American-bred horses along with imported horses from a variety of studbooks.

A clinician to look for is dressage trainer JP Giacomini, a regular contrib- utor to Warm-

JP Giacomini demonstrates piaffe in hand with his stallion Orion, one of four stallions JP is bringing to perform daily demonstrations at the WEG this year.

Which venue will host the 2022 Games? That remains to be seen. Initially the Kentucky Horse Park in

Shelley Giacomini

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