of married couples requiring the supportive care offered in a long-term 25 acre setting. Twenty- four hour nursing and medical care, advanced foot care and the services of a registered dietician are only part of the services offered to all residents. Park Lane has optional eye and dental care programs offered on site.

Religious programs, volunteer programs and restorative therapy compliment the recreational programs offered to residents. A physiotherapist is available for assessment and the Rehab Team works closely with residents and their families to assist in meeting residents’ needs and goals. A tuck shop, chapel, library, family dining room, family laundry, family suite for overnight stays, and a cafe are also available. Compassionate and highly trained staff administer to the needs of all residents with staff receiving advanced training in palliative and dementia care. Park Lane Terrace invites interested individuals to call for a tour of their facility and see why Park Lane is a great place to live, work and volunteer.


99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway, Brantford, ON N3S 6T6 Phone: 519-751-7096 Fax: 519-753-7996

St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre is a 205 bed state- of-the-art long-term care facility with an on- site medical director and laboratory. There are four floors of living and recreation space in a home-like setting. St. Joseph’s is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and from donations made to the St. Joseph’s Lifecare Foundation. There are three levels of room accommodation available, standard, semi-private and private. Standard rooms have a wait time of over one year and semi-private rooms have a wait time of between one and two months. There are special care home areas for residents with dementia and aggressive or disruptive behavior. There are approximately 150 nurses on staff with eight registered staff on site daily to attend to medical needs. Additionally there are personal support workers, a social worker, volunteers, recreation staff and pastoral care. There are activity rooms and state of the art tub rooms and spas. There

are day programs as well as activities and programming in the evening and on weekends. Families are encouraged to spend time on-site and the facility is open to family members 24/7. Physiotherapy is available as well as massage therapy for a modest fee. Individuals wishing to apply to St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre should contact the CCAC (Brant Community Care Access Centre) Phone: 519-759-7752

In partnership with McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, the new Research and Academics Centre creates an environment for learning and applying knowledge for people at the home. A child day care centre offers inter-generational programming opportunities, bringing seniors together with children. The ultimate goal is to provide a whole host of programs and services that bring life to the Centre to help avoid feelings of loneliness or isolation for seniors who call St. Joe’s home.


99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway Suite 102, Brantford, ON N3S 6T6 Phone: (519) 751-7096 Ext. 2500 E-mail:

Stedman Community Hospice seeks to enhance the quality of life for those living with a progressive life-threatening illness. The hospice has six resident beds in a comfortable home-like environment for end-of-life patients. Registered nurses and personal support workers provide 24-hour care. A dedicated team of volunteers, all of whom are required to complete a 30-hour Hospice Palliative Care course, assist the staff to ensure high quality of care for patients and their families. The hospice has a Supportive Care Coordinator/Chaplain who works very closely with staff and volunteers to provide meaningful end-of-life experiences for patients and their family members. The Hospice also runs day programs for non-residents that offer support for patients faced with a life-threatening illness, caregivers, and bereaved family members – including children.


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