PFDs must be of the proper size for the

intended wearer. Sizing is based on chest size and body weight. Anyone over 12 years old must have a

USCG-approved PFD readily accessible to put on quickly, in the event of an emer- gency. Readily accessible means not in a plastic bag, or in a closed or locked com- partment. Other gear should not be stowed on top of the PFD. Children 12 years old and younger must

wear USCG-approved PFD securely fas- tened to their persons at all times when on any vessel. The only exception is, if the child is within the enclosed area or rail- ings of a houseboat, cruiser, or party barge, and the vessel is not underway. Each person on board a PWC must

wear a USCG-approved wearable PFD. In- flatable PFDs are not approved for PWCs. Each person being towed behind a mo-

torized vessel, (water skies, etc.) must wear a USCG-approved PFD. Q. What would you like to tell every-

one who will operate a boat this sum- mer? A. Wear your PFD. PFDs can only save

We had 11 fatalities and 32 injuries in 2017. Of the 11 fatalities, 10 were drownings. Only one of those were wearing their life jacket.

lives if they are worn. If you have not al- ready done so, take the AGFC Boater Edu- cation Class. Keep proper look out. There are additional requirements specific to PWCs and these can be found in the book- let “The Handbook of Arkansas Boating laws and Responsibilities”, available at AGFC (501) 622-6300, or your local AGFC or US Army Corps of Engineers Office. Also, many retailers that sell fishing li- censes and boating supplies have this booklet.

Q. Anything else you think is impor-

tant to add? A. Paddle sports are the fastest grow-

ing element of recreational boating. For paddle sports, such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, or any other vessel that is easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling, no one may have or use glass containers within a vessel (except for containers for substances prescribed by licensed physician). All persons using a cooler or other con-

tainer for food and beverages must: En- sure container seals or locks in its con- tents; If removed from the container, keep all beverages within a floating holder or other device, such as a Koozie, designed to prevent the beverage from sinking be- neath the surface of the water; Carry and affix to vessel a container or bag suitable for containing trash and capable of being securely closed; Transport all trash to a place where materials may be disposed of safely and lawfully. Acontainer is not required for persons traveling without food or beverages.

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