ple who don’t have time to sit through a six-hour class. It used to be you had to come and take a test in front of a live person, and now you take it online and print a temporary certificate. It is a 60 question test. The online test

is is

$24.95; Game and Fish doesn’t get that money, it goes to the website that ad- ministers that test. People can find a schedule of our

boating classes at or there is a link off the website. Follow the education links to boater education. Q. Does the same thing apply to

rent a boat? What if someone is com- ing in from out of state? A. Yes, to operate a motorboat (re-

gardless of who owns the boat, the oper- ator must meet the Boater education re- quirements). This is a recent change. In the past, there were provisions for a renter to to take and pass a test at the rental facility and be issued a temporary boater education certificate. That op- tion no longer exists. Q. What safety tips would you offer

someone operating a sailboat? A. We don’t have a lot of sailboats in

the Twin Lakes, however there are a few. There “Rules of the Waterway” which grant “Stand-On” status to sailboats in most situations. This is because sail- boats are more difficult to maneuver than most motor boats. Stand-On is similar to “right of way” in vehicular “Rules of the Road.” The exception for sailboats is that when they are overtak- ing (passing) another vessel, the sail- boat in that situation becomes the give way vessel, which is similar to the yield vehicle in a roadway situation. The safety tips apply more to motor-

boats and PWCs. They often forget that sailboats are very difficult to maneuver and don’t turn quickly and they are slow. So its important they follow the law that says they must stay at least 50 feet from the side or 100 feet from any other ves- sel.

Q. What are the most common wa-

ter related injuries you see? A. For the non-fatal injuries, it’s var- ious forms of trauma, such as lacer-

Want to know more?

In 2017 on Arkansas Waterways, there were: 66 accidents 11 fatalities 32 injuries Estimated Property Damage: $199,076

Source: Arkansas Game & Fish Commis- sion

ations, broken bones and sprains,

whiplash, concussions, you name it. For the fatal injuries it’s clearly drown- ings. We had 11 fatalities and 32 injuries in 2017. Of the 11 fatalities, 10 were drownings. Only one of those were wearing their life jacket. Q. How many of those do you think

are preventable? A. Probably all of them. Certainly, the ones where the victim was not wearing a

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