French Interior Designer, Sybille de Margerie, renowned for her elegant and bold designs that modernise the traditional has created a brassware collection for Zucchetti.Kos called NUDE. Inspired by the art of winemak- ing, Sybille de Margerie has taken inspiration from the glass stopper used on top of the wooden barrels in the ageing wine cellars to create the new tap series or Zucchetti.Kos. Available in rose gold, chrome and black chrome finishes with a softly shaped crystal handle, NUDE is the perfect finishing touch to create a touch of elegance in any bathroom. The Nude Collection is being launch- ing in May 2018.

The Geberit Bathroom Collection offers a range of contemporary and innovative design solutions. Its range of washbasins, toilets and bathroom furniture is ideal for any space, with Geberit’s Duofix frame system the perfect partner for achieving sleek looking, wall-hung sanitaryware.

Geberit’s innovations include Geberit Rimfree® toilets, Geberit VariForm, Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction and Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. Design meets function is the ethos behind Geberit, making its bathroom collection a must for any modern bathroom design.

Marmox, has added a new drainage solution to its range of Showerlay floor level shower bases, which has been designed to simplify the installation of plumbing in both new-build and refurbishment applications and is compliant with all relevant standards. Joining the company’s extensive range of products, the new Showerlay360 Drain, as the superscript title suggests, is fully rotatable to enable use in horizontal as well as vertical outlet connections – or any angle in between – for total flexibility. Manufactured from an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core, the boards also provide very good thermal insulation. Get the heads up on intimate care developments

In any domestic property, social or private housing, the bathroom is the one room whose use, accessibility has more impact on someone’s dignity. In today’s society, it is also the one room that is most frequently adapted to accommodate occupant needs. Closomat are enabling housebuilders and housing providers to take advantage of a uniquely ‘fit and forget’ solution, that offers optimum flexibility for lifetime accessibility and support – stylishly. Closomat’s top-selling range of wash & dry toilets offer floor-and wall-mounted options in WC provision that obviates the need, potentially, for care support in intimate cleansing, and delivers enhanced hygiene. Contemporary lines ensure the fixtures compliment any modern décor, instead of giving an institutional ‘feel’. Similarly, the company’s range of bathroom accessories – including hoists, washbasins and shower seats – bring a sophisticated ambience to a functional room that addresses even the most severe disability needs. Uniquely, Closomat engineers its core wash & dry toilet offering in-house, at its dedicated UK factories, with each unit being hand finished to individual specification. Also uniquely, Closomat has British-based sales and technical support and its own, nationwide, dedicated team of engineers to install, commission, service & maintain.

0161 969 1199 Nuance Bathroom Panelling six times faster than tiling

Tiling takes time – and is expensive. According to Which Magazine, tiling a 7ft by 7ft small bathroom can take one to three days and costs up to £800. A large 13ft by 7ft room would cost around £1315 to tile and take three to six days. Add the cost of the tiles and the noise and disruption involved in having the work done and it becomes an unattractive prospect for homebuilders or renovators. But what if a sleek, easy to maintain waterproof surface could be installed in as little as four hours for an average bathroom – and even be used to cover old and past their best tiles? In time trials conducted by Bushboard, fitting Nuance bathroom wall panelling was six times faster than ceramic tiling. Nuance bathroom panelling is completely waterproof, comes in a choice of 25 attractive and on trend finishes and can be applied over old tiles to give a tired bathroom a bright new look without mess and disruption. The panels are 100 percent waterproof and there is no need for ugly extrusions or trims which means the finished effect is sleek, virtually seam free and a cinch to clean. Ideal for bathrooms, cloakrooms, showers and even wetrooms Nuance panels are ideal for any site where down-time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. Postformed edges make external corners easy and the choice of panel sizes reduces waste.

Mermaid shower panels are a mould free alternative to tiles, designed to look good, fit quickly and most importantly stay waterproof.

Mermaid decorative shower panels are available in a range of unique designs and natural materials, all of which will give your bathroom a stunning modern look.

Not only do they look great but unlike tiles, no grout is required, making it easy and quick to fit and as no professional tiler is needed to install, this makes it the ideal solution for a developer seeking to eliminate trade disruption.


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