ONE PARK DRIVE The first, and defining building of the new district is One Park Drive, a luxury 483 apartment tower spanning 58 storeys. It is the first residential building in the UK to be designed by world-renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron, making the design as well as specification of the building and apartments “best in class.” The architects have ensured that One

Park Drive is sensitive to the surrounding area and natural environment. The building is intended to integrate smoothly with the local waterways, and sit comfortably within a belt of green parkland. Set against the backdrop of the many

existing skyscrapers in Canary Wharf, Herzog & de Meuron have attempted to clearly distinguish One Park Drive as a residential tower. The facade leaves the structure open to viewers, with the interior layout of the floors displayed on all angles. As apposed to its neighbours – glass monoliths with little external detail – the cylindrical tower offers a textured and overall more human feel, “recognisable from the outset as a place to live, not work.” Cylindrical towers are not a common

Aerial view of the new district (2004, 2016 & 2017)

sight, for practical reasons. Constructing a circular building presents a number of issues when it comes to the interior layout, and usually results in rooms needing to be curved to fit the exterior. This is not the case in One Park Drive, however. A grid system is utilised, combined with the clever use of terraces, to create rectangular rooms in a volumetrically curved building. Brian De’Ath described the build so far: “Getting started on the construction was the obvious high point, and it was fantastic when we were able to bring a group of prospective purchasers to site in September and show them work progressing. “The low point was probably the piling, which goes deep into the dock below!”




One Park Drive is arranged into three distinct “typologies,” or designs – spacious ‘Lofts’ towards the bottom of the building, one and two-bedroom apartments in the Cluster section towards the middle, and Bay apartments at the top with expansive views across London. In total there are 74 studios, 180 one-bedroom apartments, 174 two bedroom apartments and 55 three bedroom apartments or penthouses. Apartments range from around £650,000 for a studio, to £1,625,000 for a three-bedroom flat. The Loft apartments, occupying the bottom eight residential floors of the tower, benefit from open plan living and ceiling heights usually exclusive to penthouses. The rooms are spacious and open, divided with sliding walls and pivoted screens. Seamless resin floors and sculptured


The new district will provide the opportunity for people to live in a well maintained ecosystem within the capital. There are already more than 1,000 people who together work 24/7 to manage the estate’s facilities, arts and events programmes, and green spaces, along with a security team equipped with a state of the art control room.

The estate is meticulously managed, and the Group aims to offer a unrivalled level of security. It controls the entire built environ- ment, a factor that gives many of its customers confidence in the level of service they will receive.

Over 120,000 people now work in Canary

Wharf, in what is a still-growing hub of financial banking, leading technology, media and entertainment companies. The

bathrooms add to the luxurious specifica- tion of the apartments.

On levels 10-32 in the centre of the building, the interlocked Cluster apartments are built on alternating floor- plates, producing mirrored and rotated apartment layouts on each floor, visually accessible from the building’s exterior. The apartments also feature high-spec interiors in calm tones, utilising natural materials, textures and light to create a character linked to the building’s facade. At the top of the building, the spiralling Bay apartments inhabit levels 33-57. Three overlapping floorplates create interesting visual geometry, and provide the opportunity for double-height balconies that boast exceptional views. The opulent apartments also make use of forms and textures from the building’s exterior. All the apartments offer terraces, accessed via sliding glazed doors, and finished with decking. Across the three typologies, each apartment is fully fitted with modern luxuries, such as power outlets with USB ports, ceiling- mounted track lighting in the living rooms, a mood lighting control system provided to the principle rooms, and zoned underfloor heating. On the ground floor, residents are greeted by a reception and concierge, with a lounge, library and cinema on offer to all residents. The first floor then leads to the ‘heath club’, which incorporates a gym, pool and spa. Was the Group expecting a particular type of buyer for these new apartments? “There isn’t a simple single buyer demographic,” commented De’Ath. “What the purchasers will have in common is an appreciation of spatial and interior design. “Rather than us seek a buyer profile to

target, we have concentrated upon produc- ing something of quality that will appeal to a wide range of discerning customers.”

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