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Morgan Motor Company will celebrate its most iconic Plus 8 with a 50th anniversary special edition. The family-owned bespoke sports car manufacturer will produce 50 of the special edition models, each to be sold through their existing dealership network. The Plus 8 50th anniversary edition will be a true V8-powered thoroughbred tribute to Morgan’s most celebrated four-wheeled model. Deriving its name from the famed eight cylinder engines it has adopted throughout its 50 years, the Plus 8 consistently offers the greatest power to weight ratio of any Morgan. A lightweight aluminium chassis and 4.8-litre BMW engine sit beneath the traditional Morgan body. At just 1100kg, the Plus 8 is one of the lightest V8 passenger cars in the world and is capable of 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 155mph. First conceived by Peter Morgan, the Plus 8 prototype was revealed to the public at the Earls Court Motor Show of 1968. With a Rover V8 engine and a Moss gear box, the original Plus 8 was based on a Plus 4, but was proportionally bigger and featured a large number of changed or upgraded hand-crafted parts.

The British coachbuilder’s first Plus 8 production model, MMC11, was one

4 Control The third generation Mégane R.S. on sale this pring takes on rivals from Honda, Ford, VW and Seat for the coveted hot hatch crown. First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor

Show in September 2017, the Mégane combines powerful design and a focus on performance to offer outstanding driving

of the most successful cars that the company has ever built, and production continued for 36 years. The model was discontinued in 2004 when the production of Rover V8 engines ceased. In 2012, the Plus 8 was reborn into the Morgan range, on a lightweight aluminium chassis with the powerful 4.8 litre BMW engine, as used in the Aero range.

This very special car was due to make its public debut this March at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

the distinctive character of the BMW X2. These include the BMW roundel on the C-pillars and the styling of the kidney grille, whose outline is wider at its base than at its top (for the first time on a modern BMW).

Three engine/transmission variants are offered from launch: the BMW X2 sDrive20i petrol model, the X2 xDrive20d diesel variant and the X2 xDrive25d diesel.

Further model variants will be added to the Sports Activity Coupe line-up in early 2018 – in the shape of the three- cylinder X2 sDrive18i and the four- cylinder X2 xDrive20i, X2 sDrive18d and X2 xDrive18d.


Launched in March this year, the new BMW X2 is designed to appeal primarily to a young and young-at-heart, urban and active group.

As well as the standard BMW X2, customers can also choose from the BMW X2 M Sport and M Sport X models. The latter brings together design elements from BMW M and the BMW X family. A host of design details underscore

pleasure on the road and on the track. Unique in class 4CONTROL four-wheel

steering system ensures stability at high speeds and agility at low speeds. Hydraulic bump stops all round enable

optimum control of tyre-ground contact and increased ride comfort. The world’s most powerful 1.8-litre engine

delivers 280hp and 390Nm of torque thanks to the development work jointly carried out by engineers from Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing. The option of an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) gearbox is available for the first time, alongside a manual transmission. Two types of chassis are available –

Sport or Cup. The Sport chassis provides easy sporty driving, with best-in-class efficiency, whilst the Cup chassis offers greater sports performance for track and fast road use. The new R.S. Monitor Expert allows

drivers to film their track sessions and overlay telemetry data to create augmented reality videos that can later be analysed on the R.S. Replay website. The unique R.S. Vision lighting system, with chequered flag design integrates the side lights, cornering lights, fog lights and high beam into one housing in the front bumper. The price is expected to be around £30,000.

Mid Kent Living 61

The options list for the BMW X2 includes the latest generation of BMW ConnectedDrive and the most recent update of the BMW Connected App. Optional functions such as Apple CarPlay and an array of driver assistance systems serve up a connected driving experience.

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