Evoking the natural beauty of fibre cement

century, the combination of mineral materials, water, air and heat has been transforming the exteriors of buildings around the world. Due to the nature and range of the materials, fibre cement suits both modern and traditional schemes – from private commercial properties, to public centre facil- ities and is the ideal choice for both new builds and refurbishments.

F Architect’s choice

EQUITONE is a through-coloured facade material designed by and for architects. The material’s versatility provides architects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life.

Constructing beauty

EQUITONE materials can be cut and fabricated into a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling an architect to add intricate detail to the facade and create striking patterns in the exterior design. EQUITONE’s fibre cement materials are available in a range of through colours, offering an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring shades in a variety of textures and finishes.

Project: Clerkenwell ‘Smith’ Pavilion Material: EQUITONE [linea] Architect: Studio Weave

EQUITONE’s most recent addition to the

range, EQUITONE [materia], accentuates the beauty of fibre cement. The material encompasses the characteristics of cement whereas the fibres render its surface textured yet velvety. The ever-changing atmosphere gives the material natural subtle shade variations.

Project: University of Yorke Material: EQUITONE [natura] Architect: BDP

In addition, EQUITONE meets the

fire performance classification (A2-s1 d0), making it suitable for a variety of building types.

In practice

Commenting on the use of EQUITONE [tectiva] for a public-sector building Rushcliffe Arena, Ajay Chauhan, architect at CPMG said: “We’re really pleased with the overall finish of the project. EQUITONE [tectiva] was the ideal choice– it gave the aesthetic appearance we hoped for, was within budget and is fantastic quality.”

ibre cement mineral composite materi- als combine outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. For more than a

light and shadow. Its unique 3D shape with routed lines gives a striking final effect, particularly when cut into unusual shapes.

Project: Ashton Sixth Form College Material: EQUITONE [tectiva] Architect: GA Studio

Look and feel

Although the overall look is important, the texture can make a big difference to the finish of a building too. EQUITONE materials are available in a range of finishes such as EQUITONE [linea], which is a great tool for architects who want to play with texture,

Project: Augsburg Deuter Park Material: EQUITONE [materia] Architect: KEHRBAUMARCHITEKTEN AG

Key features

EQUITONE is a durable facade material which combines outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. It has a life expectancy of a least 50 years and once installed requires low maintenance.

For more information about EQUITONE, visit the website.

01283 722588

Project: Rushcliffe Arena Material: EQUITONE [tectiva] Architect: CPMG



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