of the data that can be captured and logged; users can chart load versus displacement and present information in graphs and other infographics.” As industry has already noted, SP’s software package is a versatile,

user friendly, wireless load cell control, display and data-logging tool designed for use on the Windows PC platforms, Vista, Win 7, 8 and 10. It allows simultaneous, wireless communication between SP products and a Windows PC. A resizable window displays a table of up to 100 wireless load cell channels of live data. Ayling concluded: “Perhaps a user will start with a requirement to

move something a specific distance—say, when jacking a bridge—and arrive at the WLDT as a solution. Based on the extent of enquiries we received, we have built up stock levels in anticipation of global demand for the latest addition to the SP portfolio.”<

NCCCO: OSHA Extends Operator Certification Deadline to 2018

> OSHA today published a Final Rule delaying its deadline for crane operators to be certified by one year until November 10, 2018. OSHA is also extending its employer duty to ensure that crane operators are competent to operate a crane safely for the same one-year period. The Rule takes effect immediately. The notice, which comes just one day before the certification requirement was due to come into effect, follows publication of a

Proposed Rule in August in which OSHA announced its plans for the postponement. OSHA believes that an additional year will be sufficient to

complete work on addressing the two issues that has concerned industry ever since the crane rule was published in 2010; namely, whether operators need to be certified by type and capacity, or just by type; and whether certification is sufficient by itself to deem an operator qualified to operate a crane. While OSHA is not at liberty to disclose the exact language, it will

propose to fix these two issues, it has again reaffirmed its intention, first noted in its submission to the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) in 2015, “to propose removing the capacity component of certification.” OSHA also notes that it would be unfair to employers to enforce the certification requirement “before completing the separate rulemaking to change that criteria.” On the second issue, OSHA states in this latest rulemaking that it

currently is “not prepared to make a determination whether certification alone is insufficient” in determining whether an operator is qualified. The National Commission for the Certification of Crane

Operators (NCCCO) supported the additional delay “reluctantly” since the changes to the rule were critically important to the effectiveness of the certification requirement, said NCCCO CEO Graham Brent. However, it was important OSHA acted with urgency. “Since the positive impact of professionally developed, third-party, accredited crane operator certification on the incidence of deaths and injuries caused by crane accidents has been amply demonstrated during the more than 20 years that NCCCO has been providing it (see, for example, Cal-OSHA Study of Crane Accidents, 2008) every delay means that this nation’s workers continue to be exposed to risks that would otherwise have been mitigated,” NCCCO stated in its official submission to OSHA in September.<

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau Partners with SC&R Foundation

Adjustable, no need for separate sheaves and tools

Infinite library of different wire rope

> Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) announces its partnership with the Specialized Carriers and Rigging (SC&R) Foundation for a series of grants to be awarded to individuals pursuing skills and/or certification as a Crane Operator or Rigger. Continuing their mission to upgrade the skills and certification

diameters and constructions via COLT app

of the current workforce and provide a continuous pipeline of trained and educated workers entering the field, Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) has entered into a partnership with the SC&R Foundation to provide worthy applicants with grants for Crane Operator Training and NCCCO Certificate Courses. The grants, which are open to the public through the SC&R

Lightweight tensionmeter for fast and accurate measurement of wire rope tensions up to 11,000lbf/5000 kgf and up to 1”/25mm diameter.

Foundation are awarded to individuals pursuing a career in the specialized transportation, crane, or rigging industry. Typically, applicants are seeking skills and/or certification as a Crane Operator or Rigger. “We are extremely pleased to assist the SC&R Foundation in

opening up doors to those wishing to enter the crane and rigging industry or for those needing certification to continue their careers” said Craig Epperson, CEO of CICB. Recently, CICB established the first and only career school

in the Houston area approved and regulated by Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges to train and certify individuals as crane operators and riggers.


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