presentations at events. The village fete commi�ee funded the TV, leavingmore club funds for the kitchen project. Beer festival The secondHunton Beer Festival again proved popular,with local and international beers on offer,music, and a home brewcompetition. Proceedswent towards the Village Club's kitchen fund. ClubAGMThe clubwill host itsAGMon December 7. Roles for secretary and chairman of the group need to be filled for 2018. Updates on the kitchen projectwill be provided. Rogue traders Rogue traders and doorstep salesmen had been reported in the area. Therewas also awarning regarding distraction thefts. Coffee afternoonMore than £400was raised forMacmillan Cancer Support at Hunton school’s coffee afternoon in memory of Ruth Porter, the latewife of school governor Ron. Picnic spot A newpicnic table has been installed at the community orchard, thanks to Hunton Engineering. Village clean-up Some 27 sacks of general rubbishwere collected, alongwith 14 car tyres, at the last li�er pick.


Welfare visits CommunityWarden Dawn Rioch-Brown continues to visit the area, dealingwith cars parked on verges and fly tipping. Repairs The loosemetal disc on themulti- play apparatus had been repaired, and the street nameplates for Grasslands and Leeds Road had been installed byMBC. Correspondence Cllr Taylor-Maggiowas to a�end a Crime Prevention and Safety Conference organised by KALC, a KCC meeting on Community Transportmeeting and the KALCAGM. Shewas also to reviewthe DCLG consultation on planning for the right homes in the right places. DecembermeetingThe next parish council meeting is on Tuesday, December 12, but will be cancelled if no urgent itemswere received. Press policyAn internal complaints procedurewas to be followed after a breach of councillor protocol in relation to the Council's Standing Order 18 and the Press andMedia Policy. Play area Tree Ventures is to carry out a tree inspection survey in January 2018. Bus services Cllr Taylor-Maggio had a�ended the East ofMaidstone Bus meeting and reported that the 13 buswas not at risk of any changes or cuts, but urged residents to use the service if itwas to remain viable. Defibrillator The purchase of a defibrillatormachinewould be discussed at the nextmeeting.


Police updateAs PCSOswere no longer able to a�end PCmeetings or givewri�en crime reportsthe NeighbourhoodWatch co-ordinator Cllr Burden was asked to provide awri�en report on crime stats for futuremeetings. Li�er pick Seveteen volunteers a�ended the parish li�er pick,which concluded with a look around theMusket Brewery and a catering tentwas provided by Plymouth Brethren.A barrel at the brewery had been damaged somembers agreed to

replace it at a cost of £50. Itwas also agreed to donate £50 to the Plymouth Brethren. Crossing CllrWhitmarsh circulated the DHA Planning proposals for a crossing over theA229. Public commentsA residentwas concerned about cars for sale on Linton Hill butwas advised thiswas ama�er for the local authority. The resident also asked t formore detail inmeetingminutes, so it was agreed that councillorswho have a�endedmeetingswill provide the clerk with a brief summary for theminutes. Transparency Grant The council had received a Transparency Grant fromthe government to assistwith the compliance of the transparency code,with an allocation for thewebsite and for a printer and laptop. The chairman had developed and updated thewebsite and stated he did not require reimbursement. Itwas agreed the clerk should purchase a laptop and printer,with the la�er to be sitedwith the webmaster in Linton. SpeedWatch The newSpeedWatch systemwas online, but as there had been a reduction in volunteers, itwas decided that Cllr Cresswellwould draft a le�er to recruit volunteers fromresidents along the A229. Village hall Cllr Burden reported that the hallwas consideringwork on its forecourt and asked if the parish councilwould be willing to give a contribution. The clerk advised that any requests for financial assistance should be put inwriting. Defibrillator The clerk confirmed the defibrillatorwas on order andwas to be financed by a grant fromKCC alongwith donations fromthe LintonWalkers and the Masons. CCTVAn email about upgrading the CCTV camera systemin the church car park had been received; itwas reported that the CCTV had recently been upgraded andwas still in operation.


Rogue traderA rogue trader had been in the village. Kent Police are investigating Updates Borough councillor Sue Grigg updated on the latest news and updates fromMaidstone Council: on the Forstal Lane development, the Local Plan, The Slade and noise at Rockin Robin and the Chequerswaterwork. The council agreed to chase SouthernWater for a summary of works over the past five years as requested. Parking KCCwould be contacted following residents’ emails about parking. Highways group The North Loose ResidentsAssociationwant to set up a SouthMaidstone Highways Group to tackle issues in the area. The council agreed to explore the proposals. Logo design The decisionwas taken to keep the current logo. Defibrillator Cllr Hotson had agreed to use the fund for a defibrillator.As the £1,250 budgetwould not cover all expenses, itwas agreed to defer purchase, speak to BoughtonMonchelsea about the costs andwrite to Paulina Stockell to see if the funds can be raised elsewhere. Loose Views The publication of the next issuewas discussed. and two further quoteswould be obtained. Socialmedia The clerkwas to a�end a socialmedia course to see if thiswould be of benefit to the council.

Documentation One of the options put forward for the design of the council's documentationwould be used on business cards before a final decisionwasmade.


Council updateA co-option notice had been placed for a newcouncillor after the casual vacancy advert did not lead to 10 electors requesting a by-election. Itwas also revealed that Cllr Jane Cowin had stepped down fromthe council. Drop-in centre The CommunityWarden hadmetwith Natalie Penfold and the youthworker atMarden Parish Church to discuss a drop-in centre in regard to drug use in the parish. Crime Nine crimes had been reported: three burglaries, an a�empted burglary, theft of amotor vehicle, two thefts froma motor vehicle, one theft and one vehicle interference.Anti-social behaviour had also been reported on the Highwood Green estate. Memorial hall The trustees proposed to accept the quote fromArtisan Developers for the replacement of internal fire doors and emergency exit doors,with costs funded fromthe remainder of the public works loan. Right homes CllrMannington reported on the DCLG's Right Homes in the Right Place report. Themain itemaddressedwas a formula to calculate projected housing growth. Councillors felt itwas a consistent policy to cover all local authorities. Flooding The EnvironmentAgencywas writing to properties on the flood risk list alongwith some put forward by the parish council. Cllr Tippen had a�ended a Joint Parishes Flood Groupmeeting. Three of the parishes involved had been given powers to statewhich roads should be closed in the event of flooding, but councillorswere concerned as to the impact onMarden residents. Highways work The clerkwas asked to respond to Kent Highwayswith details of the preferred gateway style for Goudhurst Road. Speeding Concerns about speeding traffic in Goudhurst Roadwere to be raisedwith the county councillor. Public transport Southeastern's public affairs officer, Chris Vinson, had responded to le�ers received after themeeting at Marden station in July 2016. Several items were outstanding so the clerkwas asked to speak to the stationmaster in regard to the lighting, gulley cleaning and potholes but also towrite toMr Vinson in regard to a possible extension to the car park and the other outstanding issues.


Police Cllr Spearink said there is increasing public concern that crime levelswere rising. Taking note of the points raised by members of the public and the police force, councillorswould fund the cost of venue hire for the specialmeeting organised by Staplehurst NeighbourhoodWatch. The groupwould be asked to supply its proposed expenditurewith a viewto supporting it financially. The parish councilwill alsowrite toMP Helen Grant to share residents’ concerns and seek her support for increasing the allocation of

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