News Foals ‘abandoned and left to die’

HOMES are being sought for four coloured foals left to die on land atMarden. The colt cobbs – some as young as

six weeks – were rescued from the village following a call from a landowner who returned fromhol- iday to find themin his field. Seven animals –many too young

to be away from their mothers – were taken to The Retreat at High Halden by horses’ teamleader Fred- erica (Fred)Durham. She said: “While our retreat is al-

ready looking after 20 more horses than we would ideally like, as soon as I saw the foals and realised how young and cold they were I knew I had to do something.” Two were taken to Berkshire for

Two of the foals abandonned in a field inMarden

immediate hospital treatment,while Fred and her team have spent each day since building up the strength of their fragile herd with heaps of special food and gentle handling. Fred said: “It is obvious theywere from the same place and it was so

Shop or sit back and relax

WIN a turkey for Christmas at East Sutton Christmas Fayre on Friday, December 8. The event – in the FilmerHall in Church Lane, from 6pm– also offers the chance to enjoy a glass of mulledwine in pleasant company.

The Retreat Ani- mal Rescue Cen- tre at High Halden is look- ing for perma- nent homes for the young colts

sad to see they had simply been abandoned to die. It seemswhoever owned them felt that because they were colts they had no value to themand their breeding operation.” She hopes more can be done to

track those responsible, adding that tougher enforcement of the law, which requires owners to register their horse with a passport and micro-chip,would help. In this case, however, nonewas chipped. Fred said: “The issue of over- breeding, fly-grazers and horses

Scouts pit their wits

A QUIZ night raised nearly £2,000 for Headcorn Scout Group. The brain-teaser at Egerton village hall

onOctober 14made an £1,195 contribution to group funds.

being left to die is reaching crisis point. Last year, we took in 15 ponies in 12 months and this year prettymuch 99% of the calls we re- ceive are about abandoned ani- mals.” The Retreat, which has already

found a home for one of the foals, is now looking for a “forever home” for the remaining three. Anyone interested in helping, ei-

ther with a donation or the offer of a home, should contact Fred on 07538 895467.

Service to start festive fun

A SPECIAL service of seasonal readings and carolswill be held atHeadcorn Church on Sun- day, December 3. Guaranteed to get you in themood for the fes-

tivities, the Advent Service of Light at St Peter and St Paul’s starts at 6pm.


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