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School places Cllr Prendergast reported on pupil places at Kingswood Primary School for September 2018. NeighbourhoodWatch Another advert would be placed in the Parish News for a NeighbourhoodWatch co-ordinator. Data rules Further directionwas to be requested fromKALC regarding the new data protection regulations inMay 2018. Time limit Councillors agreed to pilot a stricter time limit on parish council meetings. Traffic Councillors concluded that the best option formanaging school trafficwould be to install ‘keep clear’ roadmarkings in Gravelly Bo�omRoad. The clerkwas asked to consult KCC about the potential impact ofmoving parking away fromthe village hall. HGV signs Councillors agreed advisory signs stating ‘single track roadwith passing places’ should be erected at every junctionwhere the ‘No HGVs’ signs had been placed. The clerkwas to discuss costs etc.with KCC Highways. Sports field The trimtrail had a ro�en post and the council’s RoSPA inspector suggested thewhole rail be removed. Members requested that Craigdene put forward a costing for all items requested for the sports field. Hall extension Councillors heard part of a copy of the title deeds for the hall had been received but this did not provide the information requested. Cllr Lakin proposed a le�er outlining the full proposal be sent to the commi�ee requiring a responsewithin a given timeframe.Members agreed if this is not received the councilwould need to determinewhether to look elsewhere for its additional office space and facilities. The clerkwas asked to request a full copy of the deeds fromLand Registry. Rural transport Concernwas voiced about possible further reductions in the local bus servicewhen contracts are next renewed. Resignation CllrMike Lovell has resigned. Councillors asked the clerk to offer their grateful thanks for his practical and sound service to the parish for over four years. Travellers Staplehurst PC asked if parish councilswith gypsy and traveller site planning issueswould considerworking together, possibly via Judicial Review. This was felt to be inappropriate as each applicationwas unique.

East Farleigh

Police report There had been three crimes in the lastmonth: in NewCut,when an air riflewas stolen froma shed; in Gallants Lane – a Contax ride-on lawnmowerwas stolen froma farm; and in Heath Road, a black seven-month old French Bulldogwas stolen froma commercial yard. Budget 2018/19Members received a draft budget and notes. Village car park The baymarkingwas still outstanding; a high security padlockwas nowin use for themain gates and Ralph Stevens had been asked to construct the height barrier (£700 + VAT). Highways issues Somemembers hadmet with representatives fromKCC Highways on October 20. Themeeting had resulted in an agreement fromKCC Highways that the traffic calmingmeasures in Lower Road were feasible and up-to-date costings

36 Maidstone Weald December 2017

would be provided. Itwas agreed that the onlyway of stopping oversize vehicles using the bridgewas to physically prevent themgaining access. KCC Highways agreed to put together a package of measures, including general traffic management and pedestrian safety. This would be done in threemonths, and the Parish Council could then take it to the village for consultation. County Councillor Paulina Stockell had also agreed at the meeting to part fund the acquisition of a mobile speed indicator device for the village. The parish council agreed unanimously to go aheadwith this. Memberswouldmeet againwith KCC Highways on February 2. Speedwatch A newrotawould be circulated. The policewould be asked to a�endwith cameras, if a suitable site could be found. Broadband The clerk had obtained an update fromLucy Owen at KCC. The latest date for faster broadbandwas nowJanuary 2018. Rotary The Rotarians had planted crocuses in Vicarage Lane, either side of the memorial bench, tomark theirwork on the eradication of polio. The parish council agreed to a small signwhere they had planted, explainingwhy theywere there. Parish council The parish councilwill next meet on Tuesday, December 5, at 7.15pmin the Old School Hall, Lower Road, preceded by planning commi�ee at 6.45pm.


Crossing Councillorswere tomeet highways representatives regarding a pedestrian crossing atWheeler Street. Railway The localMP and borough councillors supported a project to get lifts at Headcorn rail station. Ashford link The possible future alignment of Headcorn parish toAshford Borough Council and not theMaidstone authoritywas discussed. Li�er Volunteerswere due tomeet at the White Horse on October 1. RiverA�endees at the public consultation over the River Beult improvement scheme in Septemberwere urged to give feedback. Cllr Smithwas encouraged by the plans and said volunteerswould be needed to helpwith themanualwork involved. Air quality Headcorn had responded to a survey byMaidstone Borough Council on air qualitymanagement and emissions. While the survey area did not extend as far as Headcorn andwas largely centred on Maidstone, the parish council had felt it appropriate to respond. Office hoursAlthough the parish council office is only open to the public 16 hours a week, the clerkworks full time and can arrange tomeet councillors at the office outside published hours. Local Plan The parish council confirmed it would support a parishioner in a possible judicial reviewrequest onMaidstone’s Local Plan, but not in any financialway. Oak Lane The clerk agreed toworkwith various agencies in an a�empt to relieve the parking problems in Oak Lane. KALC Itwas agreed that the KALC Parish News,which should be receivedmonthly, would be circulated to councillors for reviewand anyma�ers theywished to raise could be brought to full council. Crime police The Chief Inspector for Maidstone,Mick Gardiner, had agreed to a

more visible and frequent police presence in Headcorn, following his discussion withMaidstone council chief executive Alison Broom. Costa Reports of an earlymorning noise nuisance fromthe Costa Coffee cafe in the High Streetwas reported. The clerk reported that thema�er had, at least for now, been resolved. Fly-tipping Itwas agreed to thankMBC in response to a request froma villager that the council be shown the appreciation of the parish for its swift response to a fly- tipping incident. Path The contractorworking on the Oak Lane footpath had agreed to exercisemore care and consideration about parking machinery following a complaint froma resident about the inconsiderate placing of machinery and equipment. KCC had responded to a complaint about the height of the footpath at the NewRoad entrance by saying itwas as agreedwith the New Road residents’ association and given this was a private road, KCC had no jurisdiction. Water pressure The borough council had agreed to take up an unresolved complaint over lowwater pressure at TheMews. Plan CllrAndrews confirmed the revised detail relating to the Neighbourhood Plan had been submi�ed toMaidstone council. Play scheme The clerkwas asked towrite to governors requesting the use of the school by the Play Scheme Group in the summer of 2018. Newsle�er Itwas agreed the parish council newsle�ermust be issued as soon as possible and a schedule agreed for the distribution of four editions a year. SpeedWatch Cllr Dungey had prepared a le�er for thosewho had expressed an interest in taking part in the SpeedWatch scheme.A possible newco-ordinator had been identified and itwas agreed the equipment be kept at Cllr Pyman’s business premises. Cohesion Cllr Selby and the clerk had a�ended a social cohesionmeetingwith Ulcombe Parish Council, Boughton Malherbe Parish Council, borough councillors and a number of issueswere covered andwould be pursued off line. Land use Cllr Selby had a�ended a KALC meeting atwhich an informative update had been given byMBC enforcement officers Rebecca Prideaux and Sue King about their approach. They called for the early reporting of any planning concerns. Hall Cllr Dungey had a�ended the recent meeting of Headcorn Village Hall; the commi�ee still needed a vice-chairman. Burial Talks about land at the site known as Redhill Stables being used for a natural burial groundwere taking place. The land owned byMBC had previously been offered to the parish council, but it had been decided that the councilwas not able to take it on. Appeal Itwas noted that the parish council had been refused permission to appeal the decision over the land known as Hazelpits. Thema�erwas to be reviewedwith legal counsel and discussed again. Open spaces Cllr Evendenwould join the open spaces commi�ee following the resignation ofMartyn Padbury.


Village Club The Village Club has a new Smart TVwhich can be used for

Parish Councils

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