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Equine Mortality Equine Mortality is a Life insurance policy for your horse, with you as a beneficiary. It is an All-Risk policy, which will cover death from any cause (subject to certain exclusions). We will also pay you if your horse is stolen.

Surgical/ Major Medical Keeping your horse healthy requires good nutrition, exercise, affection, and good medical care. Medical care for your horse can get expensive, but our Horse Health and Equine Major Medical Insurance can help defray these costs.

Trainer/ Boarding Liability This coverage is important if you are engaged in commercial eques- trian activities such as boarding, instruction, training, breeding or buying and selling horses. Designed to provide coverage if your horse or a clients horse causes property damage or bodily injury on or off your premises, such as at a show or another facility.

Boarding Custody and Care Liability Equine Care, Custody, and Control insurance is an essential coverage for all horse operations which involve non-owned horses, including boarding, breeding and training.

Worker’s Compensation This provides insurance to cover medical care and compensation for employees who are injured in the course of employment. It is required by the State of California for every employer to have.

Farm & Ranch Packages Whether you operate your horse farm as an individual, partnership, or corporation, this coverage is available for all different types of farm structures: your main dwelling, contents, personal valuables, loss of use, tenant dwellings, barns and other outbuildings.

Private Horse Owners Liability These policies cover liability for both bodily injury and property damage to others resulting from horse ownership. Individual owners of personal or show horses who do not derive an income and are not involved in commercial activities are eligible.

Homeowners This covers a broad range of losses or indemnity to people’s houses and home possessions, as well as several types of liabilities for which homeowners might be accountable. It protects homeowners aligned with losses from such causes as theſt, storms, and fires; temporary lodging; and frivolous lawsuits that could crop up from ownership of the property.

• Equine Mortality • Surgical / Major Medical • Trainer/ Boarding Liability Insurance

• Boarding Custody Care Liability Insurance

• Worker’s Compensation • Farm / Ranch Packages • Liability and More! • Home & Autos

Laurel Fowler, an insurance br


extensive experience in the horse industry. Laurel is a horse owner herself, and

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personally knows the passion shared by horse owners. To Laurel and all of her staff, this business is much more than just an insurance policy!


We specialize in tailoring the proper Horse/Equine Insurance Coverage to meet your needs. We’re a One Stop provider for all your Insurance Coverage, covering Business,

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Farm & Ranch, and Commercial. Protect yourself with full

coverage for home, barn, autos and farm equipment!

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t! Call or visit our website for applications or to request a quote! 805-473-2227 or 714-968-0017 · Fax 805-473-0202 1-800-700-MANE 877 Noyes Rd. • Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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