January 1, 2022


Leaders emphasized safety and monitored carefully, taking quick action to address unsafe practices.

• Consider breaking the “tailgate safety talk” into two pieces. Cover environ- mental safety hazards and hike-in safety, including spacing and the proper way to carry tools, at the trailhead. Crew leaders on site can cover work safety practices. This reduces information overload, and helps volunteers retain the information and stay aware of safety practices. • Safety practices for equine packing and methods for efficient carry must also be reviewed by experienced packers.

Leadership. In addition to the event orga-

nizer, crew leaders are needed to manage small (6-8, for trail work) groups.

• These leaders need to be selected care- fully. In addition to having good people skills and knowledge of how to get the

Make it fun. Make sure volunteers are enjoying their experience.

• Rotate people in and out of the tougher jobs, and make sure they are doing work that doesn’t overtax them. Encourage

• Provide a good lunch at the end of the work event. This facilitates bonding as well as a positive last memory of the expe- rience. Event sponsorships can help with costs.

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work done, they must be willing to moni- tor the work, watch for safety issues and encourage the volunteers.

• Though some people are capable of being crew leaders, they may prefer doing the work instead of managing others. Make sure that you understand their personal preferences while encouraging them toward leadership.

Give thanks. Show volunteers you appre-

ciate their giſt of time and labor. Thank them at the beginning and end of the event, and individually throughout the event.Make sure crew leader training includes thanking the volunteers.

them occasionally to take breaks and enjoy the scenery, or just go see how other crews are doing.

• Half-day work events are best. People are more likely to give up a quarter of their weekend than half of it.

• If the work is physical, odds are that your volunteers aren’t used to labor, so longer days will lead to burnout and fatigue, which can create safety issues. Leave them wanting to come back for more!

Reward Your Volunteers Volunteers need to feel appreciated. You can accomplish that in many ways.

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