January 1, 2022 Geting “Rickashay Dun It” back in

shape aſter his stifle injury caused by another horse kicking him during a filming project. Balancing/schedul- ing my time effectively in 2022 with training horses and Bill, martial arts tournaments, and leading the Hi Desert Horsemen’s Association as President.

—E.K., Mojave

Cheers to geting even more time in 2022 to camp and ride than I had In the

past year! My picture is in The Placerita nature center with my horse, Hero. He

was not scared of the spooky tree log! —R.D., Unspecified

Enjoy my Oak Creek (no longer wild) horses every day. —K.D., Palmdale

My 2022 horsey resolution is to complete

the beginner fundamentals program on my two Hancock horses. And finally ride the younger one!

—C.E., Acton


My Resolution is My New Years resolution for 2022

Ride with Gramma more! —K.D., age 6, N.C.

is to get out out of the arena and go on trail rides more oſten. Happy New Year Everyone!

—M.T. & Cash, West Hills

My mare and I have joined the American Driving Society Centennial Club which means our joint ages equals 100

years or more. We’re going to keep on riding and driving! —S.A., Monte Nido

I resolve to continue expos-

ing folks to the equestrian lifestyle in my community of Glendora and to encour- age them to enjoy the joy of owning a horse. I do this by sharing my horse, Sera, with children, young and old, at as many community events as possible. “Would you like to pet her?”

—D.H., Glendora My New Year’s Resolution

is to ride my beloved Long Ears more and more. Lots of camping and trail rides - Bryce Canyon Mule Days and Bishop Mule Days! Sue Gentry, long time

ETI California member and becoming a Central Oregon Equestrian Trails Member this year!

—S.G., Bend, Ore.

to get my daughter back in the show ring! With atending her first year of col- lege and riding three Horses, it’s difficult to find time it takes to be competitive and get great grades, so we are focusing on finding the time —and geting one of her mares back to the trainer and on to

the shows in spring! —R.M., Norco

Shapour Daneshmand

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