What are your horsey New Year’s Resolutions for 2022?

My 2022 resolution is to come to understand the horses more so they can be a beter teacher for my students and how to translate that into both student and horse. And learn how to communi- cate more effectively with my students and horse To get more organized in my personal and my horse business. And to

become a beter rider myself. —T.D., Lake Elizabeth

My 2022 New Year’s horse

resolutions is to continue doing EXCA with Wildheart Lil Miss. to Spend more time training my other mare too. I am hoping to get more rid-

ing time with husband”. —K.B., Santa Paula

My resolution for

2022 and promise to my horse, Camina is to get my act together and start riding again. I have not done any seri- ous riding for the last four years, and

Expand my knowledge in Horsemanship and be a

beter rider, for my rescue horse Mina. This year I will be using her to experiment the practice of Reiki and Meditation for healing and alignment in our journey. My

goal is to find a way for it to help and benefit others. —B.R., Rosamond

Camina is pouting! —L.F., Shadow Hills

Continue competing in Extreme Cowboy Racing with Legacy’s Best (aka Casper) and to spend more time training my younger mare, Lulu. No mater what —more saddle time is always good.

—D.B., Ojai

Spending more time with my horse and proving to him

that I’m a worthy leader. —S.D., Agua Dulce

Ride my mule

every week and document every ride on my blog! —P.F., Santa Barbara

Me and Scotch’s 2022 New Years resolu- tion is to get back into shape so we can start showing again. We love the Extreme Cowboy Racing shows and making new friends and exploring new places.

—A.O., Rosamond

My horse Clint and I accomplished 800 miles this year on trails —hoping to top that this year!

—M.J., Unspecified

Evon Kurtz photo

Evon Kurtz photo

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