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love fo summer

STIHL RMA 410 C Lawn Mower New! Zero emissions, quiet and

ergonomic, the RMA 410 C lawn mower is the latest addition to STIHL’s lithium-ion product line. This mower tackles the turf with uncompromised power and innova- tion. The RMA 410 C has a 16 inch deck with six stages of cutting height adjustments from 25 mm (1”) to 75 mm (3”). It also contains a convenient detachable 55 litre grass catcher box designed with a fill indicator, a mulch- ing blade and a MONO handle bar for easy access to the grass catcher. The adjustable folding handle bar provides optimum storage options and conveni- ence for transportation. This quality unit is ideal for any homeowner or a professional who requires a quiet, effi- cient operating lawn mower. For more information about this product and where to purchase it, visit


Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed This outdoor home refuse

organizer combines function with fashion to keep trash and recycling bins organized and tidy. Keep all your bins organized in a convenient location. The shed measures 58" wide x 30" deep x (47" high at back / 42" high at front). The curved lid prevents snow buildup and can be operat- ed with one hand. The system has no floor which allows for easier entry and removal of bins and has lockable doors and lid to prevent wildlife intrusion. Available at $375 Summer 2016 • 31

The Netatmo Weather Station This is the weather station for

smartphones. The Netatmo system and accessories (purchased separately) offer a complete solution to observe the weather conditions. Users receive custom, real-time updates about their environment — temperature, humid- ity, air pressure, CO2 levels and more. The kit comes with one indoor module and one outdoor module to moni- tor each environment. Each are made with durable aluminum and feature a smooth, clean design. Additional modules can be purchased to monitor

other areas such as another room or area outside your home. A rain gauge and wind gauge accessory are also available for purchase. Rain gauges record the amount of rainfall per hour and accumulated over time, while the wind gauge measures the wind’s speed and direction. Available for purchase at Netatmo, Amazon and Best Buy. Visit for more informa- tion. Weather Station $179 Additional Indoor Monitor $99 Wind Gauge $99 Rain Gauge $99

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