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Seating areas are an important feature for any garden. You need a place to immerse yourself in the garden experience.

— in addition to space definition, when properly situated to capture the sun and avoid the wind, they create micro climates that can extend your growing zone considerably. For those who like to harvest their efforts, raised vegeta-

ble gardens offer a lot of benefits. Water features

Some landscapers love to add water to their designs and

many gardeners love this too. Water not only brings peace and tranquility to the garden,

the music of bubbling or trickling will help to attract birds, butterflies and other small wildlife, such as frogs. The more life in your garden, the more pleasure you will get from being in it. Water can cascade down from a man-made rise in the

yard or it can simply meander through the garden over an artificial stream bed ending in a pond, perhaps populated by fish, which can be engaging companions for the humans in the garden.

Special features Kitchens are another popular item. They can be gas, elec-

tric or even propane fired. Some of them include a coun- ter complete with a sink, fridge and storage space beside the barbecue or even a pizza oven, an increasingly popular feature these days. Outdoor fireplaces set on stone patios help extend the

season. Soft-covered furniture adds to the luxury. Families with children often opt for a fire pit, where late summer evenings can be enjoyed roasting marshmallows or s’mores. Your landscaper can build this into the plans, making sure all the safety precautions are in place and that open fires are allowed in your neighbourhood. Gazebos and pergolas not only provide shade, they add

design interest that can be very arresting when softened by the right plants. Although many of us are do-it-yourselfers, the use of

a good landscaper and landscape designer at some or all stages of the makeover of your yard will save you many mistakes and re-dos for the future. Don’t forget fencing as part of that overall design. The

fence is like the walls in your home and just as important. Finally, remember to include lighting in your design. It

sets the mood. It enhances the beauty of your home and it can even help with security. v

Bridges can add personality to your water garden.

You don't have to have symmetry to be pretty.

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Kitchens and outdoor fireplaces are popular features.

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