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Kwik Cricket The schools’ view

Why did your school choose Kwik Cricket?

We really wanted to increase the number of different sports that were available to the children and we looked at lots of different options. Kwik Cricket seemed to find the perfect balance for primary school sport and it can be used in any terms, indoors, on grass or on a playground. It is easily accessible as the equipment is simple, the rules are clear and it is easy for the children to feel that they are good at it at a very early stage.

How did the children take to it?

Most of them loved it straight away but at the beginning we had the usual group of children that didn’t really want to get involved. That didn’t last long though because they soon realised that everyone was having a great time and whatever skills they had could be used positively at some point during the game. In fact, some of the more reluctant children have gone on to be some of our best and most enthusiastic players.

Was it hard to pick up?

One of the best things about Kwik Cricket is that it is so simple to play. Children can immediately access the game and can take part in competitive sport within minutes. More able pupils are also able to develop their cricket skills during the same sessions without any extra specialist equipment. It is also very easy for the adults to teach games.

You play with mixed teams don’t you? How do the boys and girls get on playing together?

They loved it. Kwik cricket is a really The Kent & Medway School Sports Magazine 9

good game to play with mixed groups. All children of any gender or size can play the game together and enjoy themselves. We found that some of our less ‘sporty’ children did really well as they could use tactics to win and didn’t just have to be big and strong.

Do the kids enjoy it?

They all absolutely love it. It’s fantastic to have a sport that they all enjoy and all join in with. What is also wonderful to see is that some of the children have started playing it during their free time in school and are teaching it to other children within the school. Two of our girls (who probably wouldn’t call themselves ‘sporty’) have also gone on to join a local Cricket club and now play outside school as well.

If another school asked you about Kwik Cricket and its merits, what would you say?

Kwik Cricket has made a very positive impact on our school overall. More children are involved in the sport during lessons and more children are

playing actively during their break times. Teamwork is important in Kwik cricket and teachers have said their children are working collaboratively in class as well as outside as a result. There has been so much enthusiasm

for Kwik cricket that some of our older children have volunteered to run a club for the younger year groups. They are also currently organising a parents versus children match to play after school soon!

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