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PULSE Kwik Cricket

What exactly is primary school Cricket?

Kwik Cricket aims to provide children of all levels of ability and experience with an opportunity to regularly participate in a fun, introduction to cricket and to encourage fair play by all. The format is suitable for all ages, but is most suitable for players under the age of 11 with a major emphasis on participation and enjoyment.

There are numerous ways in which a group of children can play Kwik Cricket, in theory you can use any

number of children (from 2–32) and the game is seen as an integral part of the School Games calendar with its own fantastic finals day.

What’s happening in Kent?

Kent Cricket has created their own primary school specific programme to help support schools throughout the County. The programme includes high quality materials (such as schemes of work), team teaching during curriculum time as well as teacher mentoring. Kent Cricket can also run leader training courses, assemblies,

Finger on the PULSE...

How long have you been a development officer with Kent Cricket?

Just over three years now and it’s flown by. The team grew substantially in 2012 thanks to backing from Chance to Shine which has enabled us to cover a large part of what is a

very large county. Though it’s still frustrating as there are always more schools and clubs who we would like to work with, but ultimately as a sport we are very lucky to have the coverage we do.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Absolutely, my name is James Moss and I’m a Community Cricket Officer for Kent Cricket. I’ve played club cricket since the age of 12 and volunteered at my club in a number of roles since I was about 14.

Who are your Sporting Idols?

Anybody who plays the game in the right spirit, respects everyone involved and enjoys themselves. Going back a few years, Jonty Rhodes personified that. I also really enjoy watching the confidence Sam Billings plays with and his style of Cricket.

Why did you choose Cricket and what do you love about the game?

Because that’s what I played in the back garden growing up! I’m not entirely sure what captivates me about the game so much, but I find Cricket clubs amazing places which are extremely accommodating and social regardless of ability.

Why should we try ‘Kwik Cricket’?

Because it teaches so many skills and can be adapted to all ages and abilities! We even ran a pilot this year of a version called Rapid Fire and had an inter-school competition for Key Stage 1. It is endlessly adaptable, especially with the kit most schools have today, so it can be played indoors and outdoors. – 01227 473618

Where can I get equipment from and how much training do we need? or any good PE equipment supplier! We have a number of video tutorials on our website as well as free to download teaching cards/resources. – Click ‘Schools’ then ‘Resources’

How would my school get involved?

Talk to your School Games Organiser about local competitions for years 5/6 or contact our office. We can also help you find your local club to develop a link.

In every edition of ‘Pulse’ we aim to showcase sports which are really taking off in Kent’s primary schools at the moment. In this edition, we take a close look at the work Kent Cricket are doing in schools.....

after-school clubs and much much more.

Kent is also lucky enough to have access to a number of FREE events ranging from meeting the players through to National Cricket Week and a day out to watch a game.

“Thanks to Kent Cricket and congratulations on yet another fantastic Schools Day Out. The coaching session has really helped our young players. We cannot wait for the next one.”

Nikki Sillence Canterbury Primary Academy

For more information, please check out the website:


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