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Major Paramount theme park gets fast-track development approval

A major £2bn (US$3.3bn, €2.5bn) theme park de- velopment near Ebbsfleet, UK has been cleared for fast- track development following its categorisation as a ‘pro- ject of national significance’ by the UK government. Paramount Pictures theme park is the first leisure development to be considered under the scheme, which has typically been used for developments such as power regeneration projects and transport and infrastructure upgrades. Opening in 2018, the

Paramount-branded theme park and resort will be built on an 872 acre site – one of the largest regeneration

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Robotics and big data highlighted in 2014 museum TrendsWatch report

Continued from front cover Written by Elizabeth Merri- tt of the American Alliance of Museums’ Centre for the Future of Museums, the 2014 Museums Trends- Watch report highlights “the rise of the social entrepreneurs” – for-profit businesses tackling tradi- tionally non-profit targets. Multi-sensory experienc-

es are also a growing trend, with emerging technologies providing the ability to get hands-on with anything rendered as digital data. “Tapping the big data oil boom” has also been recog- nised in the report, with the vast aray of data available online giving museums a tool

Robot adventures at the Hands on Children’s Museum

to hone their business prac- tices on various operations. Emerging surveillance

technology holds promise for evaluating and fine tuning what museums do, while P2P sharing can help museums monetise the

sharing economy. Finally, robotics and

how it fits into the grand scheme of museums is a growing trend for secu- rity, maintainence and guest interaction.


The theme park will be one of the four largest in the world

projects in Europe and among the top four largest theme parks in the world. Plans include an indoor waterpark, theatres, music venues, attractions, restaurants, and hotel developments.

London Resort Company Holdings – the company behind the development – has also signed an agreement with Paramount Pictures for exclusive UK licensing. More:

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