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Dive into aquatic register, industry urged

IAN TAYLOR is chief executive at SkillsActive

PM gives Instructability Big Society Award

Instructability, the programme created by spinal cord injury charity, Aspire and YMCAfit, to provide fitness industry training for people with disabilities, has been given a Big Society Award by the Prime Minister. Te programme offers partic-

for the Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs) to showcase the ways in which we are helping to further professionalise the aquatic industry. RAPs’ presence at LIW, one of the major


industry events of the year, offered the public, employers and existing aquatic professionals the opportunity to speak directly to those organisations involved with its development. Te warm welcome RAPs received from the aquatic industry at the event is testament to the strong com- mitment we are seeing from employers in relation to increasing the professionalism of the sector. We are committed to making RAPs a

success and engaging directly with employ- ers and individuals alike is the only way to do this. That’s why over the coming 12 months we will be travelling across the country to engage in our very own ‘Big Conversation’. SkillsActive is dedicated to develop-

ing the workforce in all of our sectors and to do this we will be engaging directly with employers and operators to help us shape the future direction of not only SkillsActive, but of the various sectors in which we operate. Not only will our ‘Big Conversation’

events deliver key messages about SkillsActive and our registers, but we will also use these opportunities to develop strategies with employers to improve the image of our sectors, inspire talented indi- viduals to join our industry and upskill our existing workforce. It is imperative we work together to

achieve our mission of ‘More People, Better Skilled, Better Qualified’. By working together in collaboration,

we can change the direction of our indus- try.

Join us in conversation and help to

shape the future. For more information see:


ſter its recent launch at Oasis Sports Centre in London, Leisure Industry Week (LIW) proved a fantastic platform

ipants the opportunity to gain a level 2 gym instructor qualifica- tion and gives them support to find a job in the fitness industry. So far, successful graduates

have involved people with spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, limb loss and loss of func- tion caused by stroke or brain injury. Since the first pilot course in September

2010, 54 people have qualified and 10 more are in training. Of these, 29 have found vol- untary placements and 14 employment. Tirty more courses are scheduled across England, thanks to a Sport England grant. Both YMCAfit and Aspire hope this award

Instructability trains disabled people to work in health and fitness

will raise the profile of the programme and create awareness in the industry. Head of YMCAfit, Denise Page, said: “Tis

award recognises the fact that disabled fitness instructors have a lot to offer the fitness indus- try. Employers are beginning to recognise that a disability does not affect professionalism or skill set. Details:

Spinnaker Tower wins ‘Staffing Award’

Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower has been recognised with a staffing award based on its employee training and service to guests. The ‘Staffing Award’, which was

presented at the World Federation of Great Towers conference, in Berlin, was given in recognition of the employee training and service to guests delivered by management and staff at the tower. Spinnaker Tower forms part of

the Continuum Leading Attractions Group, which delivers training using its own guest service charter and as part of a training programme oper- ated by WorldHost. The WorldHost Training pro-

gramme covers the essential principles of customer service, while the guest charter was developed by the Continuum Group to embed the company’s visions

Spinnaker Tower has been recognised for its training quality

and values into the guest service it delivers. Details:

Premier signs deal with genetics training company DNAFit

Premier Training has announced a new part- nership with DNAFit to provide accredited nutrigenics training to personal trainers. DNAFit specialises in genetic testing for

athletes to make their training more efficient, testing up to 30 genes and their variations to

Read Leisure Opportunities online:

assess what diet would benefit them most and how well they will respond to various exercises. Te deal will see up to 2,000 UK trainers

become DNAFit accredited and will teach them how to effectively use genetics testing to further develop training regimes.

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