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demonstrate other qualities, as well as a gen- uine interest in what they’re applying to do. “Te industry is fast-paced and passionate

and you must be prepared to work hard, get qualified and keep learning throughout your career as new information and trends come to the foreground,” says Lucy Birch, head of training at Te Training Room. “You must also be ready to sell yourself and be open to all types of clients.” Employers will also be looking for practi-

cal examples of interest in the industry and many young people choose to undergo work experience or volunteering to prove they’re keen on building a career. “It’s more attractive to employers if they’re

able to see that you’ve spent your summers actively seeking jobs relative to the indus- try, as opposed to working in bars,” adds Birch. “Not only can you work in a gym as a personal trainer, some choose to travel the world and work at holiday resorts through companies such as Mark Warner or on Steiner Cruise Ships to gain experience.” Other experts also echo the importance

of young people showing a determination to work. “Being able to show a potential employer that you’re not afraid to roll your


sleeves up and do whatever it takes to sur- vive shows true grit,” says Premier Training’s Branch. “Oſten by starting at the bottom you are able to quickly demonstrate your capa- bilities and employers will be quick to spot them, which could open up further doors of opportunity.” Given that many leisure opportunities are

public-facing roles, it is also important appli- cants consider their communicative and interpersonal skills. “Good people skills are essential and candidates must have the abil- ity to communicate effectively and interact with a broad range of people,” adds Dillon at IQL. “Many of the roles are public-facing so candidates must have the ability to commu- nicate effectively and interact with a broad range of people.” It is evident that leisure can offer some-

thing for everyone – both school leavers and graduates – with many of the same oppor- tunities open to both. What is required in potential employees is a passion for the industry, a love of your work and the abil- ity to use the support on offer to provide you with the best possible training and quali- fications around to enable you to begin a rewarding, enjoyable career.

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