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SPOTLIGHT ON OUR ASSOCIATES 2013 Can And Will Be…... Many of us still remember the early 1980’s when we

had 15% interest rates and many feared they would rise even higher. Jimmy Carter, who had inherited a recession when taking office in 1976 first tried to reduce unemploy- ment by both increasing government spending and cutting taxes. However, when inflation skyrocketed in 1978 he changed his mind. He delayed tax cuts and vetoed the spending programs that he himself proposed to the Con- gress. Carter then tried to ease inflation by reducing money supply and raising interest rates. All of his efforts proved to be unsuccessful. Inflation and interest rates soon reached their highest levels since World War II. The rapid change in interest rates brought on the Savings

and Loan crisis. Investments in fixed income were becom- ing less valuable. Holders of both bonds, and pensions be- ing paid to retired people had their life savings wiped out. The stagnant growth of the economy caused high unem- ployment and brought an unprecedented situation in Ameri- can economics. By 1979, public opinion polls had Carter's popularity lower than Richard Nixon’s were during Water- gate, partly because of his inexperience and difficulties working with Congress. WOW. This all sounds very familiar doesn’t it? Looking back at this chapter in history reminds me we all

have great opportunities right now during these “difficult times.” In the early 1980’s is when I began buying my busi- ness and by working hard combined with not knowing I could not be successful our business doubled. The rea- son? We were in the FAIR BUSINESS. The greatest busi- ness in the world. It is the greatest because it is a business that engages, educates, donates, encourages volunteering,

community building and brings growth of the economy in every area where a Fair is successfully operated. Our busi- ness is ordained to help others grow and that is the se- cret. By continuing to help others grow we grow and we thrive. We are encouraging and providing a means to pro- mote and bring families closer together. Which I believe is the real key to bringing our country back to a stable place for us all to live, love and prosper. We are also in the busi- ness of bringing smiles through entertainment and fun to everyone who comes and enjoys; especially those who participate. Last, we do it at the most affordable costs for the public. So don’t let what is going on around you dis- courage you in any way. Get in there participate, work hard and support your Fair. If you do, you will see how satisfy- ing and gratifying it can be. 2013 can and, for many of us, will be a tremendous year. It is up to us.

David Musselman, Capitol International Productions Inc.

Associate Member Tim O’Brien shared this great photo of a “Goat Mountain” from the State Fair of Virginia. Great Idea -Thanks Tim!


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